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Pre-College Breakups and How To Survive Them

Breakups are always hard for everyone involved, especially when the breakup isn’t caused by problems within the relationship, but due to outside factors. A main cause for breakups, especially as school season begins, is college. Pre-college breakups are particularly difficult because a majority of them originate from wanting your significant other to get the full “college experience”, not wanting to hold them back, or even not wanting to risk greater heartbreak in the future attempting a

Real Life

What Is Sexual Coercion? And Why You Should Be Informed

Sexual coercion is defined as “the act of using pressure, alcohol or drugs, or force to have sexual contact with someone against his or her will; … tactics of post refusal sexual persistence defined as persistent attempts to have sexual contact with someone who has already refused.” The difference between sexual coercion and other acts on the sexual aggression continuum is that sexual coercion is more subtle manipulation, like the use of pressure, trickery,


3 People Changing the Way We View Environmental Activism

Activism has many different interpretations. Some believe participating in a protest makes one an activist, while others believe that years of research and understanding of a specific topic earns one the title. However, the three people listed below are activists by nature. They work to follow their personal beliefs and have gained national attention for doing so. While they may not be traditional examples of environmental activists, they certainly rise to the occasion. 1. Xiuhtezcatl Martinez


Michael Bloomberg Promises $15 Million to Secure the U.S. in the Paris Agreement

On June 1, 2017, President Donald Trump stated that America would not be joining the Paris Climate Accord. The statement ignited panic among the people of the world, due to the U.S. being one of the largest users of fossil fuels and one of the countries with the largest amount fossil fuel emissions making it a great contributor to global warming. While some were in shock and others were ready to start fighting this decision,


Millennials, Here’s Why You Should Believe in Our Generation

In my chemistry class last week, my teacher interrupted the lesson on titrations to make his bi-weekly speech. His lecture regularly prompted by one of two reasons: the sight of a cell phone or lack of class participation in his mundane class. All of his speeches start the same: “When I was your age…” continued by “Our classes were so much harder!” or “The county takes it easy on you guys.” While I do appreciate


Entering Trump’s America From Iran: An Interview With My Uncle

I recently conducted an interview with my uncle who has been in Iran for the past 3 months, while he did participate in voting during the 2017 election, he missed the first major developments during the beginning of Donald Trump’s term. Him being an immigrant to the US and having personal and business relations with Iran, I decided to sit him down and ask him his thoughts on some of the events he has missed.

Real Life

Resume Writing 101

There comes a time in every student’s life when one must write a resume, this can be for many reasons: applying for an internship, applying for a job, or even applying to college. While this process might seem stressful and tedious, it can be broken down into a few easy steps. Create a heading including your full name, address, phone number, and email. It should look something like this: A resume should be broken into


Thanks, Cheeto Head

While Donald Trump has contributed to many, MANY negative issues in society the past few weeks. He has done one positive thing; he has united America… against him. Trump’s many controversial tweets, speeches, cabinet picks and executive orders have angered a large, diverse group of people for many reasons, including but not limited to blatant racism, sexism, complete disregard for science or environmental issues, promoting xenophobia, and exhibiting extreme homophobia. However, this unlikely group of


What Happened to US?

The United States used to be known as the “melting pot”, a place where immigrants would come for protection, as means of creating a better life for themselves or their families, along with many other reasons. However, immigration to the U. S. normally stems from a valid, urgent reason. People don’t just leave their families, their homes and everything they know behind to take advantage of America, they do it because they have to. Most

Real Life

The True Benefits of Pre-Collegiate Summer Programs

Summer programs provide a way for students to get a taste of the college lifestyle. A student can explore majors and possible school choices by actually experiencing the school, living there, eating there and being involved. Summer programs also allow students to surround themselves with similarly driven people who want to further their education and get an overall understanding of college as well as make connections for the future. Below is a list of positive impacts

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