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Diara Elizabeth

Diara Elizabeth

The Media Needs To Start Calling White Men Terrorist

Most mass shootings are done by racist white men, they are the biggest threat to America and they are U.S citizens. We claim to make the country safe again, we have to keep out “illegal immigrants” but some of the most dangerous people are the ones born in this very country. This country was founded on white men thinking they own people who are under them, this country was founded on white men terrorizing people

Real Life

For Anyone That Used To Be The Fat Kid

Physical health, along with mental health, is still a growing problem in America. People who come from lower income houses are more likely to have weight problems because of how cheap fast-food is. (Like the 1 dollar menu at McDonalds or the fact that if you live in any town in America you’ll come across a fast-food restaurant every five minutes). This was a problem for me growing up as I know it is a


How The Crisis In Aleppo Is Similar To the Current State Of America

We’ve all heard about the crisis in Aleppo. There have been bombings that have taken place throughout the city which has caused the loss of many innocent lives of men, women and children. Ever since President Trump’s Muslin Ban the people from Syria are in danger of not being able to come to The United States as legal refugees. People need to flea from their country because of the civil war. Innocent families are being

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