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Prince Redefined Gender Roles: His Importance

Today, we have lost a music legend, Prince. During the 1980s, he, along with Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Whitney Houston, were the soundtrack on an entire generation. His musical genius was, is, and forever will be unparalleled. His music blended several genres including rock, pop, R&B, funk, and many others. The immensely successful soundtrack to his movie, “Purple Rain”, sold over 25 million copies and continues to inspire artists. But his impact exceeds the arts.


Quit Saying F**kboy: The History Behind an Ugly Word

In 2015, a new word entered our popular lexicon. And it caught on and spread like wildfire. It’s the word “f**kboy”. You may have heard the word once or twice or 300 times. Finally, a word came along that was equivalent of slut-shaming a woman (not advocating slut-shaming anyone, by the way). For so long, guys could call women sluts and whores/hoes without retribution. And suddenly, here’s the chance to do that with guys. But


Disney Princesses & Feminism: Sending The Right Messages To Our Children (And People In General)

  Around a month ago, I saw an alarming statistic. One that initially shocked me but wore off after some time. A recent study showed that Disney princesses on average spoke less than their male counterparts. To be fair, Ariel was mute for the majority of her movie and Aurora & Snow White were comatose for a huge portion of theirs. But still, it doesn’t excuse it. However, surprisingly, since 1989 (the release of the

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Cyberbullying Celebrities: How Far Is Too Far?

  I’ll be the first one to admit that I occasionally make jokes about celebrities. We all do. And many celebrities have a sense of humor and laugh along. But often times, people go too far. It’s a lesson that has been taught many times and yet, we’ve failed to learn. Recently, up and coming R&B singer Kehlani was the subject of untrue cheating rumors, slutshaming, and cruel memes which collectively pushed her to attempt

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