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Mental Illnesses Are Not A Bandwagon

Our generation has been romanticizing mental illnesses, acting as if you are only cool and mysterious if you have one. Depression is one of the most popular mental illnesses to be glorified for it’s depth and sadness it causes people to act as if they had, yet it is much more than a fad. Anxiety is not something you should wish upon yourself, or pretend you have either. There are real people in the world

Real Life

Things Take Time

A concept that restrains everyone, is the fact that we only have a limited number of minutes. This thought causes people to do the most extreme things. Or even the simpler things, such as planning every detail out. Time is of the essence and causes stress amongst the entire population. Where to be, when to be there is what seems to control us. When you think about it, it is quite strange how we say

Real Life

Use Your Voice for the Greater Good

Today’s society consists of a surplus of social media stars and young famous people; all in which are shone under the light of the public eye. Some use their voice to benefit everyone, such as Rowan Blanchard. The young actress and activist is only 15 but uses her voice to speak volumes of current issues. Just recently at the Women’s March in Los Angeles, the woke teen spoke on behalf of everyone who believes in

Real Life

Don’t Underestimate The Effort And Passion Of Teens

Throughout my life, at least half of the adults I have encountered have told me that I could not understand their level of stress. Although I may be younger I still know how it feels to work and be stressed while working. Has your guardian ever told you that your school work is not as difficult as their work? Now I am not complaining because I am grateful for everything any adult has done for

Real Life

Love Yourself, for Yourself, by Yourself

We are all born without choice, yet in our lives we make the most crucial decisions. One of those decisions would be whether we are able to accept ourselves as we truly are, or self deprecate as a form of humor to cushion the blow. Although this would not seem like a critical decision, it is; whether you are able to love yourself or not determines a lot of things in your life. If you

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