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To The People Who Just Don’t Get The Big Deal About Representation

“I just don’t get it,” “Diversity is great and all, but does everyone need to be so obsessive about it? There are plenty of diverse characters already.” I understand where you’re coming from. I understand, but I don’t agree. I’d like you to understand my perspective as well. Diversity is incredibly important, and we’re not quite where we need to be yet. Topics like this are difficult for everybody involved. If you’re somebody who strongly


Why “Fluid Sexuality” Doesn’t Quite Mean What You Think It Does

Sexuality is a fluid spectrum that is endlessly confusing. As such, it opens up a lot of room for misunderstandings. Fluid sexuality can mean that a person does not feel tied down to a specific sexual orientation and is instead open to change and new experiences, it can mean someone can redefine themselves and their sexuality over time without necessarily invalidating past experiences that don’t fit with the new label, or it can mean a hundred


Allegiance—The Story That Needs To Be Told

Japanese internment camps are one of America’s greatest shames. Feb. 19, 1942, marked the day of the official decision to imprison Japanese-Americans in a fashion not entirely unlike what was happening across the sea in Germany at the time. On the same day in 2017, the recording of the musical “Allegiance” appeared nationwide in theaters. The majority of “Allegiance” is spent in the 1940’s, following the story of a Japanese-American family whose lives are drastically changed when

Mental Health

You’re Being Ableist Without Even Realizing It

The dehumanization of mentally and physically disabled people is a bigger problem than you may think, and it’s the average, well-meaning, neurotypical and able-bodied person that is the biggest perpetrator. Now, dehumanization is a big, bad sounding word. One that makes you say, “no, no, I’d never do that,” and, “I think disabled people are brave, it’s amazing they can get through every day, so this isn’t about me.” Unfortunately, this is absolutely about you.

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