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LGBT Violence In Brazil Has Increased By 30%

A place known to be LGBT+ friendly is also one of the most deadliest places for LGBT+ people. Grupo De Bahia reported that there were 387 deaths as a result of homophobia in the past year, rising the violence by 30%. Many suicides accompany these deaths. The municipality of Sao Paulo is known to have a humongous pride parade and Brazil is known to have marriage equality and legal resources for transgender lives, so why would

If You Care About Women’s Rights, You Should Care About The Femicides In Latin America

Feeling the ocean breeze on the beaches of Punta Cana and Samana, some of the best in the Caribbean, is a feeling of liberation, content, and tranquility. The Dominican Republic is one of the most beautiful places in Latin America and The Caribbean. Along with its beautiful resorts, the Dominican Republic’s rich culture, food, and music make it unforgettable. My parents are both immigrants from a small town north of Santo Domingo, where everyone knows

LGBT+ People Aren’t Shoving Their Lifestyles Down Your Throat, You’re Just Homophobic

Tuesday, December 19, in response to the announcement that the Moana creators are in thoughts to make an LGBT+ Disney princess, user @og_herbo tweeted in response to the announcement: “in no way am i homophobic , but i really think y’all are trying to force this LGBT shit in everybody lifestyle.” These comments are often made about LGBT+ people but are normally ignored on a big scale, but the difference for this comment is: it

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