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Real Life

8 Ways to Beat the Post Spring Break Slump

Spring break is over. Lucky vacationers are unpacking, and everyone else is returning back to school to get back in the swing of things. However, returning back after a week of no school after possibly sleeping in for an entire week is quite a rough adjustment. If you are back from spring break, but your motivation has yet to return and unpack, here a few friendly tips for getting back and re-motivated to finish April

Make Up & Hair

8 Reasons to Love Glossier

As makeup evolves, connoisseurs, enthusiasts, and artists alike are always going to be looking for new trends and new companies to try. As tax return season is starting to bloom, consider making your next purchase a Glossier one. Affinity has spotlighted Glossier before briefly for spreading the word about a vegan brand. Glossier is extremely against animal testing, citing that they would never dream of testing on their office pet or any of it’s friends.


Here’s An Update on Philando Castile

July 2016, talk of police brutality and responsibility spiked again with the tragic deaths of both Alton Sterling and Philando Castile back to back, July 5th and 6th respectively. For more information on their unfortunate deaths, read our piece on the two black men who were killed that July. However, since the tragic loss of lives, there has been a recent development in the Philando Castile case. To briefly summarize, Castile was pulled over by

Mental Health

Allies for Mental Health Positivity

To my friends: You go through mental health struggles that I don’t and will never have to face in my lifetime. You react to things differently and I respect that. I am unable to comprehend exactly what you’re up against. Opening up to me might be all you feel comfortable with and you aren’t ready to talk to anyone else about it, but I do my best to try to understand. I know a small handful of


Super Bowl Party Guidebook

They playoffs are over and it’s time for the one of the biggest sports games of year: the Super Bowl. It’s also that time of the year some Americans collectively watch football together pretending they’ve watched any other games this season. Nonetheless, the Super Bowl has become a staple in American pop culture events. So whether or not you know who the Patriots or the Falcons are, grab some friends, sit at the TV, and dip


Trump’s Counselor Calls Lies “Alternative Facts”

Journalism’s highest calling to people it serves is accuracy and efficiency. News services strive to report segments on relevant events happening in a timely manner. Fact checking and accuracy are religious practices in the business. How can there be trust between the public and the organization if what is being reported is not fact? None, which is why a variety of news networks fact check the other to keep everyone honest. It’s a real shame

Real Life

How to Keep Motivation Alive This Semester

For many high school and college students, it’s a brand new semester which means there’s plenty of opportunity and promise to make 2017 the best academic year to date. Good grades is something most proclaim into existence into the new year, but it takes more than good vibes- it takes work. It may not be the most entertaining idea, but good things come from effort. However, over the course of past semesters, motivation is harder


Three Solid Reasons to Watch Shadowhunters

Since the clock struck twelve and 2017 is upon us, it’s time for vacation to end, school to start, but more importantly- the winter premiere of our favorite television shows. Shadowhunters is a TV adaption from Cassandra Clare’s “The Mortal Instruments” series. Originally the were planned to be adapted into a box office movies, but after one, the rest were cancelled as a TV show was green lighted. With a new cast, Shadowhunters season one


Ariana Grande Calls Out Female Objectification

Ariana Grande is currently sitting at the #1 on the pop charts for the third consecutive week, but she still has the time to call out female objectification in her spare time. When pressing matters come to her attention, Grande will type out lengthy messages and screenshot them to post to her 43M followers. Her most recent message addressed a personal story that upset her. Her post here, — Ariana Grande (@ArianaGrande) December 28,


First Amendment Defense Act Openly Allows Discrimination To People Who Are LGBTQ+

After the election of President-Elect Trump, Republican leaders have been planning the next four years with the idea of a Republican president and a Republican controlled house. With a majority and the executive branch also Republican, leaders are discussing the kinds of legislation they would have a better chance in passing that were previously denied. On June 17, 2015, Republicans introduced a bill to the House called the First Amendment Defense Act which essentially restricts

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