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37 New Year’s Resolutions That Help Others Too

Save up your coins and donate them at the end of each month Shop with AmazonSmile Encourage discussion on controversial issues Volunteer for a literacy program Get to know your wait staff when eating out Pay attention to and challenge situations of gender role reinforcement Begin gardening Buy from ethical makeup brands Inject important issues into your daily conversations Acknowledge your privileges Encourage the success of those around you Start a fundraising campaign Read from


How Policy Debaters Just Might Change the Face of Feminism

Most high schoolers have likely heard of Debate, an activity typically known for it’s competitive demographic and seemingly “nerdy” population. The club exists in nearly every high school, though it’s clearly more popular in some than in others. For those that don’t participate in it, Debate is delegated into smaller niches so to speak, known for their diverse approaches to the static one-on-one debate format that most of us typically think of. Among these exist


16,000 Scientists Agree — We Need to Stop Killing Our Planet

Twenty-five years ago nearly, 1,700 climate scientists signed the “World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity,” a letter that would come to greatly alter the way we view climate discourse in our status quo. It echoed a few concerns, none of which would be considered surprising today, but in 1992 were taken as the beginnings of a movement with hopes of changing the way we treat our environment. It cautioned that “a great change in our stewardship


Archaic Sex Ed Policies Are Just Another Symptom of Heteronormativity

The term “sex” was first introduced to me in seventh grade. My teacher defined it as “sexual contact between two individuals involving penetration,” which to me, seemed like an appropriate phrase to define the topic I found utterly uninteresting. In the months that followed, the term was thrown around probably a hundred times, each instance reinforcing my personal perception of sex. I went through three years of this education before realizing the heteronormativity I had

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