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Child Sex Trafficking Victims Are Treated Like Criminals

Minors cannot legally consent to sex, yet they can be charged with prostitution under the majority of state laws. Victims of child sex trafficking are currently being arrested and even prosecuted in thirty-one states. Children, victims – these are the people being arrested. It seems backwards that the victims are treated as criminals. “States do not recognize that buyers of child sex are at fault consistently,” expressed Christine Raino, the Senior Director of Public Policy


Australia’s “Closing the Gap” Campaign Failed Aboriginal Peoples

Indigenous Australian communities lack access to many basic needs such as adequate housing, clean drinking water, functional sewage systems, electricity, and health services. These conditions result in an overall poor quality of life for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Ten years ago, the Australian government piloted the “Closing the Gap” campaign designed to eliminate the stark differences in life expectancy between Indigenous peoples and other Australians by the year 2030. However, according to the recent

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