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The System Is Not Broken—It’s Working the Way It Was Always Intended To

It’s the reason the Black Panthers, a radical activist group that sought the protection of Black lives at all costs was disbanded, but the Ku Klux Klan, an active hate group, was not. It’s the reason why Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a peaceful activist hoping to reach equality between all races, was murdered. It’s the reason Black and Latina women only make sixty-five and fifty-nine cents, respectively, to the white man’s dollar. The tireless

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Five Ways You Might Be a Rape Apologist

With this recent rush of sexual assault allegations made against big Hollywood names, from Harvey Weinstein to Kevin Spacey to Roman Polanski, the topic of rape and molestation has been circulating heavily throughout social media and the non-digital world. Alas, as many of us know, when the discussion of this topic comes up, there are just as many people noting how disgusting this is as there are people making sense of it. Excuses like these

Real Life

Stop Telling Women to “Just Leave” Abusive Relationships — They Can Still Get Killed When They Do

In 2005, Yvette Cade was working inside of T-Mobile when her estranged husband, Roger Hargrave, walked up to her, doused her in gasoline and set her on fire. Just last week, Dasheria Barksdale was stabbed to death by her boyfriend, Melvin Williams. Both women did as they were advised by loved ones: to leave the abusive relationship. Alas, they were still victims of horrendous acts of violence. In the United States, an average of three


Conventionally Attractive Women Doing “No Makeup” Challenges Are Not That Progressive

It was a widely talked about subject when acclaimed songstress/instrumentalist/lyricist Alicia Keys made a movement to stop wearing makeup in 2016. During interviews, award shows, and music videos, the star vowed not to use any facial enhancements in order to promote movements of self-love and personally-defined beauty—and many people loved it. While in theory, this was a great and potentially progressive idea for women to not be so worried about having to use enhancers to


Dear Men, Women Care More About Their Lives Than Your False Sense of Entitlement

As a girl or woman, wondering if you are about to be assaulted or killed when approached by a boy or man are not exaggerations. As young girls, women are taught to evade their “fates”. We are taught not to dress too scantily, to not walk alone at night, to not leave our drinks unattended, to not go to the restroom alone, to leave abusive relationships and more. The conversation is conducted by family members, teachers,

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