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Queer Texas Students in Danger

Politics lately-I believe we can all agree-have been quite a bumpy ride. Many have kept quite a close eye on things happening nationally- most notably, the presidential race, but this does not mean we can turn a blind eye to state politics. This being said, LGBTQ+ Texan students could be at risk. Texas state senator Konnie Burton has proposed that any policy in place to protect LGBTQ+ students, particularly those in the transgender community, should


Happily Ever After: Bury Your Gays

Forgive me for making a broad generalization, but it just seems like LGBTQ+ characters in stories cannot seem to catch a break. Whether they just simply don’t get a happy ending, or whether they tragically die and absolutely crush the hearts of fans everywhere, especially queer fans, it just seems like gay characters aren’t allowed their happy ending. So, why is this? Stories tend to benefit heavily off of plots involving the struggles of gay

Mental Health

More Than Pre-Show Jitters: Performing With Anxiety

Being involved in the performing arts is difficult when you’re just as involved in your own anxiety. No, I’m not just talking about backstage jitters. It’s not the kind of anxious that makes your heart race and your palms sweaty right before your grand entrance. It’s the dryness in your throat whenever you realize with great dismay that you have to order at the drive-thru, or the absolute dread you feel upon having to make


Think About The Children: The Tragedy of Coded Queer Characters

Ryan Evans from High School Musical was totally gay, and we all know it. The actor playing Ryan, Lucas Grabeel, was definitely into this idea as much as fans were. The idea of Ryan Evans holding hands with a male student was too much, though, for he was given a quick implied romance with character Kelsi Nielsen, despite meeting all sterotypical requirements for being gay. Come on, he wore pink, he sang, he danced, he did yoga,

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