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Taylor Swift’s New Track for “Fifty Shades Darker” Proves She is A Hypocrite

trigger warning // r*pe, domestic abuse Taylor Swift did something that defies her feminist views again. I’m not surprised.  Granted, we can’t necessarily define her feminist views, only she can. You’d think that writing a song for a movie that not only normalizes, but glorifies abuse, would be against a female empowerment rhetoric. Or really, any rhetoric, because who the fuck is pro-abuse? “Don’t Wanna Live Forever” is the first single from the soundtrack to


The NoDAPL Protests Proved That Protesting Does Work

On Dec. 4, the U.S. Army Corps announced to a country of relentless protestors and angered supporters that Dakota Access, L.L.C. and Energy Transfer Partners did not have permission to construct the Dakota Pipeline. The goal behind preventing the construction and resulting line was, ultimately, the protection of sacred Native American land and barring the potential of poisoned Sioux water sources. "We stand ready to stand with you if and when your people are in


Why Doesn’t Anyone Care That Lindsey Lohan is Being Abused?

Writer’s Note: I feel the need to quickly address ordinary victims of abuse. If celebrities hardly get their stories told, what happens to the woman on your street whose husband hits her behind closed doors? Or the boy you sit next to in class who’s verbally abused by his girlfriend if he doesn’t text her back immediately? They’re just as important, if not more. In fact, the only reason they aren’t mentioned directly in the

Mental Health

Counterculture Is The New Black

It goes with everything. It never goes out of style, it’s widely accepted, and it’s widely practiced. Counterculture is now the mainstream. Counterculture is a way of life and set of attitudes opposed to or at variance with the prevailing social norm. However, there are still plenty of teenagers that think they’re the “1%” of kids their age that aren’t completely brain-dead because they listen to Fleetwood Mac or Nirvana. Here’s a hint for you


Gender is Over

 MannyMUA Written by Evan Kalvesmaki  A mascara wand lies, carelessly discarded on the bathroom counter. An open tube of lipstick stains the shimmering white porcelain, a small container of makeup wipes drying out a few inches to the left of the sink. Now, tell me. Who’s bathroom do you think this is? Your sister’s? Your aunt’s? Your girlfriend’s? A can of shaving cream, a facial razor and men’s deodorant lies carelessly thrown around the sink,


Halsey: The Face of the New Americana

 Photo by Jesus J. Montero She’s an up and coming recording artist, set to release her debut album in August. She’s biracial, bisexual and bipolar. She’s a blue-haired, empowered woman with tattoos, a pixie cut and a “mess with the bull, you get the horns” attitude. She’s Ashley Frangipane, better known as Halsey. And she’s the face of America’s youth. Halsey, 20, gained notoriety via her first single, Ghost, and has only continued to grow


Why The Struggle For LGBTQ+ Rights Doesn’t End With Marriage Equality

June 26th, 2015 was a legendary day for many people. It was the day passion beat hate; it was the day millions of couples across the United States shed tears of joy, finally able to marry the one they loved. It was the day pride won over prejudice. It was the day love won. However, what many people didn’t anticipate with the passing of the SCOTUS marriage equality ruling, was that enthusiasm for the fight


Welcome to BADLANDS

Boston-based singer Ashley Frangipane, 20, better known as Halsey, released her debut album BADLANDS on Aug. 28th, featuring the tracks “Ghost”, “Hold Me Down” and “New Americana”. Halsey herself described BADLANDS as an “angry feminist record”, and a body of work that showcases her own headspace, represented by the badlands themselves. According to Halsey, lyrics are her game. “I’m more of a writer than anything. I’m not even that good of a singer.” She claims, in


Jace Reid of Superhero Feed Talks To Affinity

Superhero Feed is a Twitter account that focuses on sharing news and media related to every superhero in the book. Comics, movies, TV, there’s no discrimination on the account. And that statement extends further than just characters. The account has become notable for their activism and recent support for the LGBTQ+ community after the announcement that Marvel’s Deadpool would retain his comic book pansexuality in the movie adaptation. I interviewed the Jace Reid, owner of

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