Allow Kim J To Reintroduce Herself

Kim J — Johansson is no stranger to the internet. She began her internet fame on Tumblr and soon it followed her to Instagram and Twitter. “It’s still crazy to me when I think about the following that I have online. I forget that it’s really real.” She says, “I can’t believe that there are real people behind the numbers who find me interesting enough to follow. It’s pretty cool though that we can all connect with things we relate to.” Kim never in a million years thought she would become this fa

Salem Mitchell Is Changing The Modeling World One Freckle At A Time

Alot can change in a year. In 2015, Salem Mitchell covered our magazine. Merely a year later, she graduated high school,”I went to a performing arts school for 7 years called the San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts where I was totally immersed in creative activity. I studied dance for my years there and I wasn’t very good,” she laughs. While in San Diego, Salem was introduced to the people and things in her environment that shaped who she is today. “There were so many types of peop

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