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Real Life

What I Can Tell You About Being an Addict

Lately, I have been absolutely captivated by nothingness. Somewhere between writer’s block and psychiatric watch, I told myself and others who noticed I was off. Perhaps it was a phase, growing pains, something of that sort. Or a big lie, for I have always believed in the mantra itself; “life is nothing but a beautiful lie,” but this time I felt as though I spent too long staring in the eyes of the facts to

Express Yourself

How to Tell a Real Story through Photography

There are many photographers out there who have been capturing photos as they travel to various destinations around the world. Traveling and photography go hand in hand, and one cannot trek without taking pictures so that they can remember their visit to some of the most exotic parts of the world. However, it is the option of using such photos in a photography contest that proves to be exciting. This opportunity has given individuals a

Real Life

Why I Shouldn’t Have Crossed the Line Between Teacher and Student

We’ve all had that one super cool teacher before. The one that uses a bit of teen slang and seems to remember back when they were a stressed-out student who wasn’t really sure where life would lead them. The one that cracks jokes in class and is frankly a bit more lenient and amiable than the other austere teachers. I mean, after all, aren’t those the kinds of teachers that we tend to strike a liking

Mental Health

These Qualities May Help You Live a More Spiritual Life

Having a sense of purpose can be important in life. For many, this idea comes from the ability to connect to a higher power. Living a spiritual life, for example, has been said to increase a person’s overall happiness and motivation. If you are someone who wishes to expand upon your own spiritual journey, now is a great time to examine what makes for a truly content and spiritually-centered individual. People who are spiritual and

Awesome AF Teens

Meet Savanna Vest — Our Affinity Writer Of The Week

Savanna’s article, “The Donald Trump Method: Belittling Opponents in Substitution for Argument and Credibility” caught our eye last week, so we have chosen her as the writer of the week! Get to know her below: How old are you and where are you from? I’m 17 and am from Louisville, KY. How long have you been an Affinity writer? I’ve written for Affinity since May, so about 4-5 months. Favorite place? My favorite place would


We Need to Take Our Trans Youth Seriously Before They’re Gone

Last Thursday, the news broke to the public that a 15-year-old transgender boy had committed suicide in England after his school had refused to change his name to Leo in its records. The student, Leo Etherington, passed away in May of this year, but news outlets are only now hearing of the story. Leo Etherington’s story is not unique for a transgender teen; after coming out to his family and school as male, his teachers


You Can Be Queer And Muslim — Don’t Let The Media Lie To You

Well, it’s pretty obvious that being queer alone is hard and my religion’s view towards my (LGBTQ+) community is adding the weight to my closeted queer self. I identify myself as a pansexual, gender-fluid human being, and a Muslim although I’m not religious at all still, I know several things about my religion. I find it really hard to keep my sexual orientation hidden because I am surrounded with mild religious environment, my families from both


Why We Should Keep Saying #NotMyPresident

Around President’s Day, let’s take some time to note how lucky we were for the last 240 years, give or take, we’ve had presidents with relative integrity, qualification, and genuine regard for the wellbeing of the American people. From Washington, to Lincoln, to Roosevelt, to Kennedy, to Obama, the men that have had the privilege of sitting in the highest seat of our nation have been (generally) honorable and attempted, earnestly, to fix the most


Why Disney’s Brave Deserved More Praise

Let’s talk about Disney’s Brave. Brave is a Disney movie, this time featuring a princess from a medieval Scottish clan. However, what stands out from the other Disney movies was that it was centered on the mother-daughter relationship between Merida and Elinor, the queen. Yes, there have been Disney movies that feature familial relationships such as Princess Jasmine in Aladdin and her father the Sultan, although he failed to listen to his daughter’s protests against


What My Racist Fourth Grade Teacher Taught Me

“Mr. Rogers hates me because I’m black,” I told my mom desperately. I vividly remember my mother stopping whatever she was doing at the time to look up and tell me that I was making excuses as to why my fourth grade teacher said I was a “disruption” to his class. Mr. Rogers was fired 10 years later for racial discrimination in the classroom. I can definitively attribute this as the first time I felt

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