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An Open Letter to People Who Romanticize WOC In Edits

photo by @islandboiphotography on Instagram Dear People Who Make Edits Using WOC Models, Don’t think that by simply using WOC models and actresses in your edits, you are doing enough for them. Don’t mistake using girls who are thin, light-skinned, and Eurocentric in body/facial features for being diverse and sufficient representation for WOC , because they are only a small percentage of WOC. Remember to use WOC who have body hair, and thick, unplucked eyebrows,

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Why So Many Teenagers Are Going Vegan

On the surface, it seems like teenagers are ditching animal products because this generation is simply just getting in touch with their compassionate side. But if you look closer, the reason behind it is much deeper. Climate change is a frightening issue, especially for teenagers like me because we are the generation that will watch our world face devastation if nobody takes action. I had heard about veganism before, but I didn’t know why so


Kaffirs: A Forgotten Group of People

Many people may know the term “Kaffir” or “the K-Word” as an extremely offensive and derogatory term used against black people, especially in Apartheid-era South Africa. However, there’s more to the term than it being a racial slur. Kaffirs are a tiny ethnic group that consists of Afro-Sri Lankans. Most people are unaware of their existence. In fact, when I asked my Sri Lankan parents about this group, they were completely dumbfounded. I, also, just recently

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Four Dream Super Bowl Halftime Shows We’d Love To See

In just a few short months, Lady Gaga will perform for all of the United States at the most watched televised sporting event in the country, the Super Bowl. While I’m ecstatic to see Mother Monster herself rule the stage, here are, Four Dream Super Bowl Shows We’d Love To See! 1. Florence + The Machine: With three UK and one US number one albums, ten Grammy Award nominations, more than five million album sales worldwide


A Holiday Time Guide for Non-Christians

As the 18 year old daughter of two Turkish immigrants, I often found myself left out during the holidays as my friends talked about all of their family traditions and all the presents they received. Of course, it was a bit selfish of me to be sad just because I didn’t get presents, but as a younger kid, especially when I was still in elementary school, it was a big deal for me. Similarly, my


Living Blue and Seeing Red

Most people tend to base their political beliefs around the people they spend most of their time around and are influenced by the most. The information that you take in and consume will help to shape and sculpt the way you see the world. Yet, somehow, someway, I am a proud progressive Democrat living in a deeply conservative Republican state. Despite being surrounded and heavily influenced by a conservative culture all my life, I’ve never

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An Open Letter To Anyone Grieving This Holiday Season

Grief is a thing we all struggle with at one point or another in our life, and it is especially hard to deal with around the holiday season; stores are broadcasting their bright and cheery holiday decorations, holiday music is played almost everywhere, and everyone tries to spread “peace and joy on earth.” If you’re experiencing grief during this time, you may want to burrow yourself under your covers on your bed and not come

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5 Tips to Survive the Trump Supporters You Share Blood With

Being a liberal-minded millennial sharing a house with family members who are entirely averse to your political ideologies is as much of a difficult and challenging circumstance as trying to convince your squeamish, gore-phobe friend that the Walking Dead is really worth watching. In most cases, you will find yourself in situations where the inevitable debate about politics starts and suddenly your brain is fast-tracking towards putting itself to sleep and all you really want

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Is Education The Only Way?

Optimism is defined as having hope for a successful outcome or future. Every human possesses this trait in order to strive for greater things whether that be big or little goals in our lives. If you’ve agreed with me up until this point, would you agree that the same rule applies to our pathway of education? It seems like, nowadays, we, as teens, are shamed by adults if we don’t go to college. We’re told

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It’s Scary To Share Your Writing With Other People

If there’s one thing that freezes me, every joint stiff and stubborn, is the thought of sharing my writing. To some this many seem trivial, but to me a piece of writing whether it be a report or creative story, it is still a part of me. The very fact that I can describe my emotion behind this through words just proves how powerful words really are. When you write, you’re putting a part of

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