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13 Children Held Captive and Tortured by Their Own Parents

On Sunday, January 15th, a 17-year-old girl called the police department with horrifying news and a request for help. She claimed that she and her 12 siblings were being held captive by their parents. They were locked inside the house and some were chained to their beds.   Quick to dispatch, officers from the Riverside County were sent out in order to search the for the girl who had made the call. Upon arrival, they

Real Life

The Wretched Realisation of the Kidnapping of Thelma Williams

Flicking through Facebook, you’re introduced to people’s lives. The food that they eat, the babies that they’ve had and, and more recently,all the men named Tony who have a vendetta against them. Such is the case with Thelma Williams.  Tony threatened and cajoled friends on Williams’ old facebook page, and started posting vile comments. Tied up and gagged with cloth, Williams was the victim of a horrifying break-in that ended in her kidnapping. It was thought

Real Life

Australian Wellness Blogger Conned Cancer Patients

Belle Gibson is a health and wellness blogger who has based her career of claims that, through the right nutrition, she was able to beat cancer. She was diagnosed in 2009 and told that she had 4 months to live. In line with her brand, she has published a cookbook titled The Whole Pantry and has created an app that focuses on the same thing. It is believed that she made over $1 Million combined, however,

Real Life

The Stigma Behind Naloxone and Heroin

When someone overdoses on heroin, their breathing starts to slow down. The brain quickly starts to bend under the stress caused by not receiving enough oxygen and the person who has overdosed is now in the state of hypoxia. When someone has this condition of reduced oxygen, everything is effected, such as the liver and skin of the individual. They get confused and begin to wheeze. None of those sound like a very desirable state to


Acid Has Become A Weapon of Choice

Acid is a word used by many. It’s used in school classrooms in science practicals where children groan at the amount of work they have to do, in clubs where people might be indulging a little too much on their big night out, and now it’s being used by the police. Unfortunately, this isn’t new slang for something completely unrelated, but rather as a response to the ever increasing acid attacks that have been ravaging


Pedophiles Are Claiming That They Deserve Rights

Trigger Warning: Pedophilia, LGBTQ+ misrepresentation, rape, child molestation Pedophiles are people who are sexually attracted to children. In many instances, the act of attraction isn’t illegal, but any action that comes about as a consequence of that is not only highly illegal but incredibly scarring to the children involved. Taking advantage of children in this way is — and this shouldn’t need to be stated — wrong and grotesque. It’s a terrible abuse of human rights. Among many other things, actions


Being Social Media Famous Doesn’t Give You An Excuse To Sexually Harass Girls

In the case of semi relevant Youtuber Durte Dom, it appears that social media influence has become something to be exploited and held over girls as though the number of subscribers is a one way ticket into getting intimate with him. Starting with a fellow influencer, Elijah Daniel, there have been numerous sexual harassment accusations made against him. The most prominent of which being made by a 15 year old girl who says that he


The White Person’s Guide to Vacationing in Asia

The summer holidays are coming up. Due to the ease of access of boats, planes and cars, there will no doubt be an influx of people going to holiday destinations. Somewhere warm, sunny and quite possibly inexpensive. Of course, some people will be staying at home and getting summer jobs; but generally they don’t pose a cultural threat, so this essay isn’t going to focus on them. Of course, there will never be a conclusive


Are Students At Evergreen State College Emulating 12-Year-Old Internet Trolls?

There is no denying that if something dangerous happens online, the repercussions can carry over into real life. This can take many forms. It can be the anxiety that comes with hearing a key phrase, it can be lunatics getting ahold of your phone number or it can be the stress from the knowledge that someone out there is sullying your name. The same goes for something that happens in real life, it follows you everywhere

Real Life

You Are Holding People’s Lives in Your Hands

Let’s think of money as a voting slip in the election of company funds. There have been countless posts, videos and tweets appealing to people from all around the world to vote for what they think matters, so it shouldn’t be hard to imagine the importance of where you place these votes. Or, in this case, your money. Pretend money is your voting slip, who do you believe in? Companies run on money. If you

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