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Gen Dietzel

Gen Dietzel

Why Women Are Afraid of Judge Brett Kavanaugh

It’s September 2018 and there are men screaming at feminists on Twitter about how women have equal rights, and that we are just whiny babies. I have run out of energy to defend my views because I feel like a broken record every time I say that women often face adversity, harassment, and unequal treatment compared to their male counterparts. Right now, I can have my feminist views, and the men screaming on Twitter can


Why Twitter Feels Unsafe for Survivors

With the momentum of the Me Too movement, everyone has been talking about sexual assault on social media. As a survivor myself, I was hoping that it would be a productive, validating discussion. It is not. There have always been comments blaming the victim, such as “She shouldn’t have led him on” people, but I have never seen as many people flat out deny someone’s traumatizing experience as I have recently, and it is absolutely

Mental Health

What It’s Like Being Bipolar During the Holidays

If someone ever asked me to describe what my brain feels like when I am having a manic episode, I would tell them that it is like shopping on Black Friday. There are thoughts racing through my head at speeds that I would otherwise think aren’t humanly possible — thoughts that trip over, trample, and fight each other over something that would be rather insignificant on any other day, and the voice of reason that

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