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Farewell, Affinity: Thank You For Giving Me an Outlet To Use My Voice

Affinity Magazine was created as a platform for teens to follow their journalistic endeavors and find a voice in this complex, ever-changing world. I had the honor of writing for Affinity for over a year, my first article being published April 2016. I have since then been cited by other media platforms, translated to other languages, but, most importantly, I have witnessed firsthand my own words starting conversations. To me, that has been the most


We’ve Already Had #20YearsOfBuffy, Yet the Show Remains Revolutionary

March 10, 2017 marks exactly 20 years since the pilot episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer was aired. Currently, my biggest regret in life is not watching the show earlier on in life, but I’m so, so glad I did eventually and in my 19 years old mindset so that I could appreciate it to its fullest. In less than a month, I’ve watched four seasons and a half, so it’s pretty clear how incredible


Lets’ Deconstruct Panopticism

In late 18th century, social theorist Jeremy Bentham created the perfect prison: a main tower that is surrounded by prison cells with a bright light on top of it so that every single cell is open to observation at all times. Bentham’s panopticon creates a transition between systems of power, external and internal, coming from the guards and the prisoners. Since they could be watched at all times, prisoners are inclined to self-surveillance, to control


Brazil, Listen To Your Kids For Once

As Fall 2016 registration hit, I was faced with the power to, for the first time in my life, create my entire class schedule. I wasn’t trying to be an overachiever, I wanted a rather chill first semester of college, quite honestly. I spent a few days trying to understand NYU’s College Core Curriculum and my options for such. That was when I came across a class called “Latin American Cities.” As a Brazilian student


The Show “Lipstick Prince” Aims to Prove that Makeup is Also for Men

Newsflash, makeup knows no gender or sexuality! Just in case you’ve been living in the 19th century, makeup is for everyone and we’ve been doing a great, darn job proving so. James Charles, the new face of CoverGirl, is a prime example of the fact that nobody cares anymore about who wears makeup. Korean idols wearing makeup, especially lipstick, has been a hot topic ever since the Hallyu Wave hit the mainstream. One of the


LAB Makes History At São Paulo Fashion Week With A Cast of 90% Black Models

Emicida, born Leandro Roque de Oliveira, a black man in the Brazilian state of São Paulo, is one of the country’s biggest Hip-Hop names over the recent years. The artists explains that his name is a junction of the “MC” and “homicida”, homicide in Portuguese. The name is a consequence of his constant wins during improv battles, “murdering” his opponents with his rhymes. Emicida also explains his name through the acronym E.M.I.C.I.D.A, Enquanto Minha Imaginação

Real Life

I Survived My First Months Of College And Here’s Why

The high school I graduated from this past June had been (here comes the clichê, I know) my second home since I was eight years old. My best friends deciding to study abroad was the only reason upon me forcing myself to complete a six-months exchange program. I spent three months at UPenn just so that my resume could look above average, or at least meet that of my competitors since acceptance rates seem only


Meet Monique Evelle, A Woman Who’s Shaping Brazil For The Better

With the mission to “ensure alternative practices of human rights education and communication” and viewing to “become a reference in human rights education and communication with political influence, inspiring and empowering people,” “Desabafo Social” was created in 2011 by Monique Evelle just outside her school classes and and launched understanding, opportunities, and acceptance across Brazil since then. While the group was created in Salvador, Bahia, it counts of social workers all over Brazil. I was

Real Life

College Applications Are Due, Now What? 10 Tips That Could Save Your Application!

The first few months of your senior year can be quite busy, trying to juggle final assignments and the dreaded college applications. As an IB Diploma student, I felt like my head would explode at any moment, but with loads of patience, mini breakdowns, and planning, I did it and I now want to help you conquer this dragon. So that I could write my perfect applications, I did a lot of research and asking


The Strangest Thing About “Stranger Things”

WARNING! Before you go any further, spoiler alert! This article is my personal reflection on the characters of “Stranger Things” with a focus on female representation. Feel free to share your thoughts on all of the characters in the comments section. And don’t say I didn’t warn you! This article will contain revealing information about the plot. I pressed play to the first episode of  “Stranger Things” almost sure I would not enjoy it that much.

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