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Mental Health

What University Has Shown Me About Mental Health

I’ve always felt that I have a good balance between education and my mental health. I’m not afraid to admit that my academic career has been littered with days wrapped in my duvet (or comforter, if you’re American) and The Office re-runs on TV. I shamelessly accept that there have been days in which I skipped class just to come home and play The Sims. I’m an extroverted-introvert; I can be loud and confident when


iSlave for iPhones: Apple Loves Money, But Hates Their Workers

In case you haven’t heard, news about Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8 release has been leaked. New features include wireless charging, curved glass, dual-lens cameras and a hefty $999 price tag — and that’s just the first tier! The initial figures state the 64GB phone will be sold at $999, the 256GB phone sold at $1099, and the phone with the most storage at 512GB will be sold at $1199. However, it must be clarified that these

Mental Health

Should Euthanasia Be Provided to Mentally Ill People?

As Adam Maier-Clayton lists the treatments he’s tried, he has a hand clutched to his chest, perpetually breathless and dehydrated. He feels chills and can’t stop quivering as he says “talking manifests in pain, cognition manifests in pain” – pain is all he knows now. But Adam hasn’t just broken an arm, fractured a limb or pulled a muscle. Adam has a mental illness, psychosomatic pain to be exact, where his mental pain turns physical


“My Body Is Not Vulgar”: Kyrgyz President’s Daughter Shamed for Breastfeeding

Aliya Shagieva’s Instagram feed shows the calming and peaceful side to parenthood, with images of her pet cats, artwork and young family against the beautiful landscapes of Kyrgyzstan.  However, not everyone sees the beauty in her photos. Aliya, daughter to Almazbek Atambayev — the Kyrgyz president — faced backlash online after posting photos of her breastfeeding her newborn son, Tagir, with the caption “I will feel my son whenever and wherever he needs to be fed”.


Why the BBC Pay Row Is Just Another Example of the Glass Ceiling for Women

The idea of meritocracy — that hard work will be rewarded with success — has been an intrinsic belief within the U.K. for years, despite it constantly being proven as a myth. This was proven again last week when the BBC released their annual report documenting their finances, including their top earners — and surprisingly, it was dominated by white men. Out of the top 10 BBC salaries, only 3 belong to women and not one was


Porn ID Checks: Who Are They Benefiting?

Matt Hancock, the Minister of State for Digital, has signed the commencement order for the Digital Economy Act, which received Royal Assent in April 2017, meaning the law should come into effect April 2018. The Digital Economy Act outlines new regulations regarding access by under 18s on a website or platform that provides pornography on a ‘commercial basis’. It would implement an age-check requirement, through either your driver’s license, mobile number or credit card details, and


Women Need to Stop Putting Up With Toxic Masculinity

Toxic masculinity benefits no one, except possibly a patriarchal society that encourages power play between individuals. “But what really is toxic masculinity?” I hear you cry. Toxic masculinity is the term given to a type of masculinity that is defined by aggression, sexuality, and power. This aggression, shown through both emotional and physical violence, is teamed with a hunger and need for domination of both women and men, however possible. Some examples of toxic masculinity,


Sympathy to All Grenfell Tower Victims – Unless You’re a Refugee

As you may have heard, a fire broke out at Grenfell Tower in West London early Wednesday morning, devastating both local residents and the rest of the U.K. The police have confirmed there are at least 58 people are dead or missing, with the number expecting to rise as further investigations occur. The tower was home to working-class people of multi-cultural, ethnic and faith backgrounds, contrasting with the local affluent Kensington area, who were aware


An Open Letter to Jeremy Corbyn

The election has come to an end — for now at least — and our parliament is in chaos with even more uncertainty surrounding our government than there was before. But not all is lost, there is someone that has benefitted from this election. Jeremy Corbyn has been doubted throughout his whole run as Labour leader, but even more so as he stood for the role of Prime Minister. However, he has defied all expectations,

Real Life

Weddings: Where Does Capitalism End and Love Begin?

The thought of marriage has always troubled me. Whilst I have no nostalgic, religious nor cultural connection to marriage, it is something that I think about on the regular. I really am a hopeless romantic, and know that if/when I find “The One”, I’ll probably want to don that white dress and walk down the aisle. But is love enough of a reason to get married? Regardless of emotion, marriage is a big leap in

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