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Does Comfort Food Actually Affect Our Emotions?

We all have times where food is our best friend. When we are sad, we sometimes think of food as an emotional support, as if it were a person comforting us. For a breakup, bad day, stressful periods in our lives and even boredom, some people tend to lean on food. However, we do not reach for veggies or healthy foods, what we strike for are high-calorie foods with low nutritional values. Therefore the term

Mental Health

A Look Into the Mind of Psychopaths

As kids, many people are introduced to psychopaths and who they are. One may have heard about them on the news, read about them or even encountered one. Nowadays, it seems as if they have become a phenomenon. Humans are either scared of them or drawn to them. Psychopathy is a personality disorder where the person cannot see the difference between right and wrong. They can “violate the law and the rights of others,” the Mayo


My Experience Living Under the Tunisian Dictatorship

In a world where most countries have established a form of democratic system, the majority are curious and can’t believe dictatorships still exist… or rather, immediatly think of Kim Jung Un. But in reality, there are, and were, a few alternatives and we’re going to discover one of them today. I grew up in Tunisia, a country that is not that well-known to people. Tunisia is located in Africa, and more precisely in the “Maghreb”.

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