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Trump Tries To Fit in With Putin and Kim Jong-Un

President Trump has never minced words. To put it mildly, the leader of the free world is abrupt, uncensored and extremely controversial. His supporters all seem to relish his no-holds-barred style, even when he strays from the truth, as he so often does. However, his critics and the rest of the world think little of his divisive bombast. Yet whether people like it or not, Trump’s signature flair isn’t going away anytime soon. In fact, it


Will Hope Hicks Stay Loyal to Trump?

The majority of Americans are just starting to figure their lives out in their twenties. Most people are just wrapping up college, trying to move out, getting the first job they can find and preparing the long climb up the corporate ladder. Hope Hicks is not like most of us. The former child model worked for Ivanka Trump for a few months in her early twenties before capturing the attention of her boss’s father. This


The Russian Elephant in the Room

In one of the longest State of the Union addresses ever, President Trump gave Americans a lot to think about regarding his presidency thus far. America’s leader was uncharacteristically disciplined last night, electing to stick to the teleprompter instead of veering off-script, as he is prone to do. The speech, written by staff secretary Rob Porter and controversial senior policy adviser Stephen Miller, highlighted Trump’s “accomplishments” thus far and discussed his plans for the year


President Stephen Miller

First there was Steve Bannon. Then came Sebastian Gorka. Now, a new white nationalist has President Trump’s ear and may very well hold the fate of over three and a half million DREAMers in his hands. Meet Stephen Miller: the thirty-two year old far-right activist who has thrust himself into the national spotlight. As another possible government shutdown looms, many see Miller as being the ultimate decider as to what President Trump will agree to.


President Trump’s Unsurprising MLK Day

American presidents have a decades-long bipartisan tradition of honoring the great Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on the third Monday of January each year. In 1994, President Bill Clinton signed a bill to designate the federal holiday as a national day of service. Over the next few years, both as president and as a private citizen, he spent MLK Day volunteering. In 1998, he helped paint the walls at a Washington, D.C., high school and


The Twisted Irony of Joe Arpaio’s Senate Run

The United States Constitution explicitly expresses that citizens have a fundamental right to vote. Not only is it clearly written in the document, but the notion is expressed five times in four separate amendments. It is the single right that appears the most often within the Constitution’s text. In the state of Arizona, however, things are different for many citizens. Under state law, one-time lawbreakers automatically lose their right to vote until they have completed


Trump’s Frankenstein Monster: How Steve Bannon is Making the President’s Life a Living Hell

President Trump has undoubtedly made many mistakes almost a year into his presidency, but none may prove to be more costly than the hiring of alt-right icon Steve Bannon. Knowing he could not win over minority voters in 2016, Trump reached out to Bannon in hopes of stirring up white constituents all over the country. The strategy worked and Trump awarded Bannon with a prominent role in the White House for his hard work. That’s


Five Great Things That Happened in 2017

2017 was a year filled with chaos, tragedy, and tension. Natural disasters devastated the world. Two of the five deadliest mass shootings in United States history happened in the span of thirty-five days. Hate crimes in America rose for the second straight year. All in all, it can be easy to get discouraged. It can be easy to forget that this year also gave many people the reason to hope, to smile, and to see the possibility of a better world in 2018. Here are just five...


The Troubling Forgotten History of Kobe Bryant

This week, sports fans all around the country watched one of the greatest franchises ever immortalize one of the greatest players ever. The Los Angeles Lakers retired not one, but two of Kobe Bryant’s numbers before a star-studded crowd that cheered on the man who wowed basketball fans for two decades. Now Bryant’s jerseys will be hung from the rafters of the Staples Center forever, thus immortalizing the legendary career of the “Black Mamba”. Watching this


The Unfailing Hypocrisy of Mitch McConnell

A few days after Doug Jones’ surprising upset victory over embattled GOP candidate Roy Moore in Alabama’s special election, Republicans in the Senate are rushing to get their widely unpopular tax bill passed before Jones is seated. With Bob Corker listed as a no and the impending insert of Jones into a seat that was temporarily occupied by governor appointee Luther Strange, Republicans would only be able to afford to lose one more vote once Jones is

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