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Jail Free Cards: How The NYPD, Their Closest Friends And Family Are Escaping Legal Consequences

Monopoly, arguably the greatest board game on the face of this Earth, turning friends into foes, family into rivals and bringing the inner Wolf of Wall Street in all of us, has officially become a reality. Well, only for the NYPD, in the sense that they are able to obtain the ever so coveted jail-free card and multiple of them actually. What initially required a straw of luck, now only requires you to be a


2017: A Year in Gun Violence

As 2017 comes to an end and 2018 dauntingly dawns upon us as a nation, I can’t help but look and reflect upon the one thing that throughout every consecutive year for what seems like forever has been haunting us: gun violence. 2017, more than ever, has been a year defined by guns — if not the various attacks and deaths, then the heated discussions surrounding them and the ineffectiveness of our government to make


In Case You Haven’t Noticed, Donald Trump Has Really Bad Judgement

“Bad judgment”. It was a phrase thrown around quite often during the 2016 presidential election, as the race boiled down to the lesser of two evils. First coined by Senator Bernie Sanders during the Democratic primaries to describe Secretary Clinton’s ever-changing positions on substantial issues, then appropriated by Donald Trump during the debates and his cult meetings rallies, it’s safe to say the phrase has had its fair share of usage as anti-Hillary Clinton propaganda.
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Ditch Google, Use Ecosia As Your Default Search Engine And Help Plant Trees Across The World

As people have begun to become aware of the critical state our Earth is in, many have sought ways to contribute to bettering our environment. However, us 21st century folks like to do things as “efficiently” as possible, so we like to help out but preferably with minimal movement. Well, worry no more, because there is a terrific way to plant trees, with almost no effort, all in the comfort of your own home while


The Man Kim Davis Denied a Marriage License to May Run Against Her for County Clerk

Flashback to June of  2015, the year where the Supreme Court finally legalized same-sex marriage in the United States. The summer was full of hope, Obama was still president, and the world was seemingly in a state of happiness, just for that moment. Flashforward to July of 2015, when an angry, homophobic, and unlawful Kim Davis, marriage clerk for Rowan County in Kentucky, denied David Ermold and David Moore, two gay men, a marriage license. There

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What Going To My First Model UN Conference Taught Me

As a concerned American and an involved youth, the state of our country and this world, especially after Donald Trump’s election has always bothered me. I hate to sound naïve, or too idealistic, but I always wondered why countries couldn’t just “work it out”, ignoring the deep-rooted relations, connections, and conflicts nations have with each other. I never understood international relationships or the nitty-gritty details behind certain country’s hatred for one another. I never understood


A Tale of Two Trumps: Why Bo Dietl And Nicole Malliotakis Cannot Be Elected Mayor of NYC

As Nov. 8 dawns on us, Americans are reminded of the many mistakes made on this day, particularly the biggest mistake made on Election Day 2016. For New Yorkers, this day is a constant reminder that in order to maintain the diversity of culture and opinion we’ve bred, we must elect leaders who share these values, not threaten them. As a New Yorker, and a proud one, a Muslim, and a daughter of two immigrants,


Saudi Arabia Gave Citizenship To a Female Robot — Here’s Why That’s Frustrating

Saudi Arabia, often regarded as the threshold of Islam and notorious for what I believe are crimes against humanity, recently gave citizenship to a female robot, named Sophia. Sophia was the first robot in history to be bestowed official citizenship and delivered a speech in the country’s capital of Riyadh, where she expressed her gratitude for the honor. Sophia has been revolutionary in the field of artificial intelligence and is one of the most life-like models


Muslims Are the Largest Victims of Terrorism: Over 200 Dead in Somalian Truck Bomb Attack

Somalia, a nation plagued with poverty and the rise and progression of terrorist groups, was hit with the deadliest bombing to occur in the horn of Africa in decades, on this Sunday, October 15, 2017. The attack occurred in Mogadishu, the capital, and it is suspected that the attack is the work of al-Shabaab, a Somalian terrorist group who has been threatening civilians and certain regions, especially recently when the Somalian government proposed to counter-terrorism


People of Color Are Not a Commodity: Stop Using Black People in Racist Commercials To Up Your “Diversity”

Commercials have always been used by companies as a way to reel in all sorts of people to buy their products and convince them why they are indeed the best at what they do. Although the premises of these commercials are general, there is usually some target audience that they really want to hit; it could be children, teens, women in their mid 40’s or people of color, specifically Black People. Companies have started going

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