A Woman President Is Needed Now More Than Ever

It deeply saddens me that this still hasn’t happened. Women are on the rise in the society we live in today, but there is one obvious factor that is missing from this interesting equation. A woman has never been elected president. Some may view this as an amazing thing–but people like myself who realize how substantial this would be to the world think vastly the opposite.

Why Does the Gender Wage Gap Still Exist?

The question remains, if in the future we will ever receive an equal pay. All of these accusations and strenuous reasons, are deemed as inadequate in my eyes. We deserve an equal pay because we are working the same job. I do not believe a family, our career choice, or the past should stop of from receiving this.

Why I Will Keep My Last Name at the Altar

Over the years, it has become more and more known for women to specifically keep their last names for the same motives. One staggering aftermath of doing so, is losing your identity that you’ve developed over the years.  I have grown to love and grow with the name that has been connected to me from birth. This should not be taken from me, or from anybody else that agrees upon this.

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