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Italie Penaloza

What Children Think of Trump

I work volunteering with children from elementary to middle school ages at a local after-school program. Every day the phrase “kids say the darnedest things” is proven over and over again. Yet what I’ve found to be most surprising, but not unexpected, is what they think of the President of the country they live in. The area I live in is a heavily populated Hispanic town, so most of these kids that attend this after-school

Real Life

Don’t Let Your Pain Hold You Back

The last thing I watched on Netflix during a period of boredom was something that sparked a realization in myself. Tony Robbins: I am Not Your Guru is a documentary about self-help motivational speaker Tony Robbins, and a day in the life of his career and an inside look at his renowned seminars. Although some find his tactics to be controversial, I Am Not Your Guru says some real shit. The thing Robbins said that


Stop Belittling Youth Activism

Ever since this mess of an election began, I’ve seen the youth of America be more involved in politics than ever before; taking a stand and letting their voices be heard, usually in the form of protesting. In my community, and in others throughout the country, students have organized events such as walkouts, protests, and marches. But with every good intention of fighting against this administration, there have been people who shut down their efforts


5 Female Artists You Should be Listening to

I know for me it’s always refreshing to discover new artists, and these R&B singers are just that — refreshing. Here are some hard working women in music you should do your ears a favor by listening to. 1. SZA Top Dawg Entertainment’s sole female artist has been making a name for herself despite her latest release of music, Z (2014), being from about 3 years ago. Her soothing sounds of R&B are soft yet

Real Life

The Misconceptions about Shy, Quiet or Introverted People

In my life, I’ve been known as the “shy girl” or the “quiet girl,” as if that’s all that I am. My personality has often felt like a burden instead of empowering, and something I feel has held me back from many opportunities. I enjoy the person I am, but one thing I, and anyone else who is shy, quiet, or an introvert don’t understand is why it is seen as a negative trait. Often,


Trump Administration Doesn’t Believe in Climate Change

Arguably the most ignored issue on Trump’s policy agenda is the environment; specifically climate change. Why? He doesn’t believe it exists. 2016 was proven to be the hottest year ever to be measured, yet Donald Trump has denied the existence of global warming and humanity’s impact on it time and time again. He’s credited with saying that global warming is a hoax, and has claimed that it is a concept created by the Chinese in competition

Mental Health

Why Do We Turn to Social Media Instead of Our Friends?

A video that has recently gone viral is Simon Sinek’s interview with Inside Quest on one of their episodes. It has been shown to me by teachers, friends and peers alike and I’ve seen it all over social media. In this video, the topic of millennials and their abilities to form relationships, perform well in the workplace and coping with the world around them is discussed. A point Sinek makes that really stood out to

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