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‘We Are People’ Strives to Unify Through Storytelling

Launched in early 2017, Haley Sulich’s We Are People strives to promote unity, understanding, and cultural competency through the means of storytelling. In the words of Haley Sulich, “Our goal is to collect a variety of stories in order to eliminate the boundaries of society that separate people. This project is a way to show people that everyone is in fact a living, breathing person like everyone else, regardless of race, gender, beliefs, sexuality, etc.”. As we have


Did You Forget About Flint?

Mari Copeny, reigning Little Miss Flint and Youth Ambassador for the Women’s March, took to Twitter on July 26 to remind the world that it has been 1,1888 days or approximately 3.2 years since Flint residents had access to clean, safe water. It has been 1,188 days since Flint has had clean safe water #FlintWaterCrisis #MAGA — Mari Copeny (@LittleMissFlint) July 26, 2017 Another Twitter user also utilized the social media platform’s capabilities to

Mental Health

I Burnt Out Because We Keep Pretending Black Activists Are Made Of Steel

Trigger Warning: There is discussion surrounding mental illness, specifically depression, anxiety and PTSD. There’s also mention of racist and transphobic violence. Please practice self care. When it was first announced that the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, widely known as the DSM – 5, contained changes in the criteria for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) that would allow for better recognition of race-based trauma many mental health professionals of color


Black America Does Not Want Ice Cream. We Want Justice.

Today America’s law enforcement officers offered up yet another tone-deaf response to the issue of state-sanctioned violence while continuing to uphold white supremacy by cooperating with the devaluing of our bodies and enabling of race soldiers to slaughter us. The Boston Police Department tweeted an image of three, smiling youth of color with a police officer behind them. The image is captioned “The #BPD Ice Cream Truck gives kids a reason to run towards our


White Supremacy Shouldn’t Be Allowed At Pride And I’m Done Explaining Why

On June 7, 2017, Fox 46 in Charlotte, North Carolina published a story about Charlotte Pride’s decision to deny a pro-Trump group’s application to preform at a Charlotte Pride event. According to Mic, the pro-Trump group calls itself “Deplorable Pride” and its members intended to give a pro-Trump tribute performance during the Charlotte Pride parade. Brian Talbert, one of the group’s members and an openly gay, proud Trump supporter, told Fox 46 “I’m very proud of my vote. I


The Response to Lauren Jauregui’s Elle Interview Just Shows How Badly We Need to Talk About Representation

Trigger Warning: Discussion of Sexual Violence Against Queer Women Mentioned Later In This Article. This week Elle’s Trish Bendix published an interview with Fifth Harmony’s Lauren Jauregui during which Jauregui speaks about her collaboration on the song “Strangers” with Halsey. During this interview, Jauregui highlights that, although there are plenty of artists writing queer music and creating queer music videos, the music created by queer musicians such as The Internet’s Syd and actress/singer Hayley Kiyoko do not achieve

Ivanka Tump (Left) and Melania Trump (Right) pose behind Donald Trump (middle).

White Women’s Love Affair With Melania & Ivanka

This week, the First Family of the United States has been plastered all over national and international news media as President Trump made his first major trip overseas in his official capacity. The trip, which began in Riyadh on May 20th and will conclude in Sigonella on May 27th, has brought on a considerable amount of both negative and positive press from folks at all points of the political spectrum. Surprisingly enough, the commentary that dominated much

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