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My Letter To You Dealing With Mental Health

Image Source The mind is a peculiar place. There are normal things that the average person does on a daily basis, like brushing your teeth, going to school/work, or walking your dogs. Then there are things that some of us do that don’t seem normal at all, things that might even seem bizarre. For instance, having to complete every action (like counting how long you wash each hand) in even numbers. Avoiding food all day


What You Should Know About Food

(Image Source) The food industry. It consists of livestock and agriculture, and is driven by/involves 5 central topics of interest: economic value, production speed or efficiency, health, environmental footprint, and morals or ethics. Nowadays, large corporations in the industry value 2 things: cheap production and labor, and time efficient mass production for products to be quickly distributed across the nation. It is often claimed that because the average amount of products in an American supermarket


One Nation, Under Guns

Approximately 270 million people in the United States own firearms. The United States also has the highest gun ownership rate per 100 residents on the planet, with 466 crimes per 100,000 people. This raises questions regarding whether or not the ability for American citizens to obtain guns should be allowed due to safety, as well as various different interpretations of the Second Amendment of the Constitution. Gun control laws in the United States need to either


The Impact of Social Media on Our Society

When people ask me what sparked my passion for human rights activism, I respond by telling them about how I went on Twitter one day towards the end of the summer before sophomore year, and was immediately bombarded with tweets and articles about the Ferguson protests and how the officer that shot Michael Brown was not being indicted. This kept me up at night, feeling immense anger towards the fact that Darren Wilson’s o nly


Feminism Combats Gender Roles

“Feminism is a women’s issue.” “Feminists are man haters.” “Why should I pay attention to something that doesn’t have anything to do with me or benefit me in any way? It’s not a priority.” Are you sure? Feminism is defined by a simple google search as “the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men”. In other words, fighting for gender equality. So no, feminism does not exclusively


7 Easy and Affordable Ways to Go Green

  Why should you care about climate change and our environment? A clean environment is extremely essential for healthy living for both human beings and animals, for starters. Our planet’s climate is also changing at a rapid pace due to manmade causes such as C O 2 emissions and other greenhouse gases. Additionally, we as human beings require biodiversity or the variety of different living organisms as it provides basic necessities such as plants to

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