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How To Tell If Your Loved One Is Suffering From Depression

Depression is a very scary thing and not just for the people who are personally suffering, the people around them find the illness terrifying as well. When you don’t know if someone you care about is slowly losing their grip on life and hope, it’s important to keep a wide eye on them and let them know that they will be okay. If you have a feeling your loved one is suffering from depression, here

Real Life

True Crime: The Mother Who Murdered Her Children

Editor’s Note: Explicit details have been omitted in this article. A complete description of Mitchelle Blair’s confession can be found here. After the discovery of a child who had been murdered, the last person anyone suspects is a parent. Parents are supposed to have unconditional love for their children; no matter what happens. What if a mother took the life of her child? If a parent has unconditional love for their own, there would be

Mental Health

To Parents of Depressed Children

Having a child who is suffering from a mental illness can be worrying, tiring, and stressful — especially if they’re a teenager since their feelings are already all over the place. Most of the time, your child won’t tell you what is wrong, why they had a bad day, or why they’re sobbing in their bedrooms in the dark. That doesn’t mean they don’t want you to help or even be around them. Here are

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