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Is It Too Late To Scapegoat & Regulate Social Media?

Should we forgive those who run us through history if they seem out of touch with the political correctness of technology?  Wrexham MP Ian Lucas, who the BBC published a story on in early February, and whose claims that ‘social media is ruining politics,’ has opened the door to a new debate on how much of the political world we once knew has shape-shifted. In Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman, a picture is painted


Venezuela: The Dark Art of Propping up A Politician

Russia’s Vladimir Putin unsurprisingly has been fueling the civil war that is about to unfold in Venezuela by propping up questionable President Nicolas Maduro. These acts are classic behaviorisms of Mr. Putin, and nevertheless paint a globalized picture to yet another plunge on a civil war in a place where there used to be an untouched value – which has now been replaced with interdependent greed. The art of propping up a politician: a concept


How to Uncreate an Unreality in the Era of Misinformation

In this climate, of absolute uncertainty, chaos, rhetoric and entropy, we are accustomed to beliefs that frame politicians and leaders as either villains or heroes. We are sentenced to a fate where you really feel like you are not quite sure what world you are in, if it’s real or if it’s fake. Hell is digital, heaven is digital. News broke recently of British MPs warning us all that social media has shape-shifted politics too much,

Real Life

The ‘Crypto Epidemic’ and Fashion Reporting

In a new Breakermag report on the current state of crypto news outlets paying for coverage using cryptocurrency, Corine Faife highlights the scare that is beyond fake news in the media. Objectivity in any coverage has become arguably obsolete, as the Faife report emphasizes the alarming growth of, ‘brand coverage disguised as journalism.’ This rise in paid coverage may not be new –  similar to how ‘fake news’ may not be new – but both


Taking the United out of the United States

The most abiding fact about the Trump era is that it has made America evaluate ‘political’ assumptions. The most relevant example is the midterms, where the only conspicuous assumption is that American politics has never been more divided, and less understood. Never mind what is to come, but how did we even get here? CNN will tell you that midterms mean impeachment, and FOX will tell you that midterms mean 2020. Trump and his political

Mental Health

How Well Do Fashion Universities Tackle Mental Health Awareness?

The world raised awareness for mental illness on October 10, being defined as World Mental Health Day. In the United Kingdom and countries alike, social media was fluttered with powerful quotes, and resources for those who battle with mental health issues of all kinds, bringing awareness to the stigma that is mental health. The movement to tackle mental health in universities has, however, not been retrogressive. U.K. universities such as the University of Bristol, have


Political Opinion Has Turned Into a Civil War

Long gone are the days that political ideologies or identities were perceived as chatty or characteristic, the days that debates about reoccurring history and current events don’t turn completely maddening. Honestly, do we read books about the concepts and structures that is modern political identity? Or do we just frame a sense of myopia as virtue, and praise figureheads who represent strong political opinions that are nothing but an emblematic, fiery tweet? In politics, in


Trump Didn’t Really Defeat Journalism, Silicon Valley Did

Despite the daily routine of attacking the media and journalists, I am tired of giving Trump the victory of quintessentially ‘defeating’ or ‘ruining’ modern journalism. Though Mr. Trump did play his part, and managed to continuously paint the media as the ultimate adversary, and wage a cultural war on designated outlets such as CNN and The Washington Post, the real laceration of freedom of speech may have already happened long before he became president. One


How Much Political Power should CEO Activism Have?

Our faith in politicians when it comes to morals, ethics, and overall trust has deteriorated in recent years. Perhaps this sentiment of political distrust isn’t new, however in this current age of complete political ambiguity and need for fundamental leadership, we have turned to people with almost as much power as the politicians; the CEOs. The million and billionaire chief executives seem to be more inclined to take powerful social stances on many issues relating


What Bitcoin Has To Do With The Opioid Crisis

As Bitcoin continues to grow and expand, so does the opioid crisis. The deaths are piling up, as do online sales and new merchants are continuing to pop-up. Both cryptocurrencies and the opioid crisis are extremely prevalent in our future and present and both intertwine in more ways than one. Creating an issue that is spiraling out of any authority’s control and becoming even more out of reach because of the deep, dark web. What

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