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Cycle Against Suicide

The Cycle against suicide is a national event in Ireland. It first started in 2013. The initiative started to raise awareness of the considerable help and supports that are available for anyone battling depression, self-harm, at-risk-of-suicide or those bereaved by suicide. The cycle takes two weeks and the cyclist cycle about 100km a day. The work of Cycle Against Suicide has really helped push the importance of looking after your mental health to the fore across the


Ireland Could Be Lowering Its Voting Age To 16

The Voting Age in Ireland is currently 18, but there is a referendum happening in 2019, where the goal is to reduce the voting age to 16. The reason the Irish Government wants to lower the voting age is because people are no longer voting. Since 1970, there have been substantial falls in the turnout during the general elections. Turnout in local elections in recent decades has mirrored the decline in turnout in general elections.

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The Twelve Pubs of Christmas

In Ireland, there is a drinking tradition surrounding Christmas. The tradition is called the Twe’ve Pubs of Christmas. It occurs any night in the weeks building up to Christmas. It is a new thing in Ireland but it has caught on quickly. There are twelve rules, one per pub. The first rule is simple you must drink all of your drinks with your non-dominant hand. The second rule, which applies when you enter the second


Abortion Referendum In Ireland

Under Irish Law, a woman who seeks an abortion after rape can face a longer prison sentence than her rapist. I find this unfair because this is depriving a woman of her basic human rights. A woman should be in control of her body and she should have the right to do what she pleases to her body. Currently, it is illegal in Ireland to have an abortion unless it occurs as a result of a

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