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Ben & Jerry’s Releases Anti-Trump Flavored Ice Cream

It seems that the current climate has pushed companies to appeal to the masses like never before by taking political stands. Big industries such as Microsoft have even become political by stating they will protect their undocumented & DREAMer employees. More and more companies are taking risks to appeal to the liberal market, including Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream. B&J’s has been teasing their new flavors for hours until they went live at 10 AM on Oct. 30th.


Florida Student Detained In Israel For Political Belief

American media often perpetuates the notion that Israel is one of the most “progressive countries” in the East as of right now. However, would a progressive nation reportedly deport US citizen students for their own personal beliefs? Canary Mission is a website that “documents people and groups that promote hatred of the USA, Israel and Jews on North American college campuses.” This website exposes individuals, professors and organizations for being “anti-semitic.” The literal tagline reads “IF YOU’RE

Politics, Race

The Hypocrisy Behind Jack Posobiec’s Recent Scandal

In case you don’t know, Jack Posobiec is an alt-right white supremacist who identifies as a Christian and a Conservative. He’s done various controversial things since Trump came into politics, such as promoting “Rape Melania” or standing for the Pizzagate theory which ended up being a YUGE nothing-burger. More recently, this God-fearing man was caught cheating on his wife three months into the marriage. is @bumble_app still a feminist dating app or the place where white nationalists / nazis

Real Life

What I’ve Learned From Coming Out

Growing up Catholic, this was often what came to mind when I thought of homosexuality: an immoral, ungodly act of sin. The culture and environment I grew up in raised me to believe that the LGBT+ community shouldn’t be accepted and that they will all be sent to hell when they die. You can imagine my frustration around 3rd grade when I developed feelings for the same sex. I first realized this watching William Levy

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