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No Justice, No Peace. Literally.

The recent events in Milwaukee have sparked renewed conversations regarding protests, rioting, and civil unrest. As people continue to shout “No justice, no peace!” there comes a point where the declaration must be critically analyzed. So, what is really meant by the phrase? Merriam-Webster defines ‘peace’ simply as “a state in which there is no war or fighting.”  Justice is defined as “the process or result of using laws to fairly judge and punish crimes and

Politics, Real Life

#CollegeDebate16 Lets Students Set the Presidential Debate Agenda

Politics without partisanship—many would say it’s an almost unthinkable concept in today’s political climate. One hundred and fifty college students believe otherwise and are working to make a difference. Last month, Dominican University of California, a voter education partner for the Commission on Presidential Debates, hosted #CollegeDebate16. “College Debate 2016 is a national, non-partisan initiative to empower young voters to identify issues and engage peers in the presidential election,” reads the program’s website. At the event,

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