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4 Things No One Is Addressing About the “Migrant Caravan”

Since Oct. 12, when 160 Hondurans started their journey from San Pedro Sula, Honduras to the US boarder to seek asylum, they and the so called “migrant caravan” that they make up has been a hot topic. From daily video footage of the caravan as it traveled through Central America to fear-mongering statements from the President, there is a lot being reported. But much of the reports ignore vital facts that brought us to the


Girls Don’t Mature Faster Than Boys, We Just Live in a Misogynistic World

I always questioned why my mother trusted me to walk to and from the bus stop alone in 7th grade but not my brother when he reached the same grade. As I have thought of it, I have come to realize the bus stop situation wasn’t an isolated one; growing up every event that benchmarks itself as a sign of growth, walking alone, cooking, taking care of other kids, to name a few, was always


Slave Patrols to #LivingWhileBlack: The Policing of Black Lives

For the past few months, the #LivingWhileBlack has been trending due to the plethora of similar cases of white people calling the police on black people for, well, living. From the Starbucks incident where two black men were arrested while waiting on their coffee, the police call made on a 8-year-old black girl selling water, calling the police on a black women for couponing, and many more 2018 has further proved that criminalization is part


The Colorless Life of a Widow in Nepal

As a child in Nepal, I saw women from my great-grandmother to strangers on the bus stand out like sore thumbs in a sea of reds and other bright colors with their all white attire. While I didn’t question their bangle-less and color-less look, I also never understood it since color and women’s attire is such a vital aspect of our culture. Religious practices from birth filled with red powdered and yellow liquid tikas to


Maloclm Jenkins’s Method of Activism In The Age of Trump

Ever since Colin Kaepernick decided to protest the ongoing police brutality in the USA by kneeling during the national anthem of “a country that oppresses black people and people of color,” his words, along with other protesters’, have been missed and led the public and people in power to falsely accuse them for being unpatriotic, “disrespecting the flag,” and even have crude words thrown at them by the President, Donald Trump. The NFL has not


Pink Capitalism: Why Companies Need to go Beyond The Rainbow

In recent years the inclusion of rainbows, sayings such as “love is love”, and other pride related content have made their way in many big companies. These inclusions are not rooted in as pure intent as the company makes it out to be, they are a capitalist PR strategy that has a name, Pink Capitalism/pinkwashing. Pink Capitalism is the incorporation of the LGBT+ movement for capitalization and pinkwashing is making products or the image of

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