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To All The Girls Without A Date to Prom

TO ALL THE GIRLS WITHOUT A DATE TO PROM, It’s okay. I wanted to be sure to start off on such a comforting note in case you’ve been sweating the big night. But seriously — it’s fine, for more than one reason alone. But I will start off with the most obvious one: you are not alone. This letter isn’t just for you, but it’s also for friends of mine and yours who claim they


What High Schoolers Think About the Government Shutdown

“It all feels so unreal,” said a seventeen year old high school student when questioned about the government shutdown. The United States government has been shut down for a month and counting, angering countless people in the nation. From tension igniting between Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Donald Trump to millions of people across the country who are currently working without pay, the government shutdown has without a doubt been one of the nation’s most spoken


This Is Why Women Are So Afraid to Speak Out

The Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford testimony has sparked countless debates, conversations and disagreements, each of them with the identical question at hand: Is Dr. Ford to be believed or not? As a result of the established inquiry, numerous amounts of people — celebrities included — have taken to Instagram and Twitter where they have been sharing their opinions on the matter, executing the hashtag #WeBelieveHer. Well-known stars of hit TV shows The Vampire Diaries and

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