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Planned Parenthood Accepts Donations in Mike Pence’s Name

After Election Day, people have been putting money into Planned Parenthood. But, people aren’t just donating money to them, they are donating in Mike Pence’s name. Mike Pence is infamously known for his long and outrageous list of signed restrictive anti-abortion laws while being a governor in the state of Indiana.  One of the laws he passed includes: made a crime in disposing remants of a fetus, health facilities are required to bury or cremate


It’s Time to Get Rid of the Electoral College

As millions of Americans watched the election on television, we felt defeated and helpless when Trump was winning in states that were normally Democrat. Before Election Day we assumed Hillary Clinton will defeat Trump because she had more votes than him. She didn’t win. Why? Electoral College. The Electoral College plays a huge role in presidential elections. Blame our founding fathers, the Electoral College was established in the Constitution as a compromise between the presidential election by


Now That Trump Is President, What Will Happen to Obamacare?

If you haven’t heard already, Donald Trump promised everyone that one of the first things he will do once elected is to repeal the Affordable Care Act, AKA Obamacare. Many Republicans are optimistic about this plan since the majority of them opposed the act while Obama was president. This troubling reality for healthcare is now a fact. Trump states he will follow through on the promises made throughout the election, but will it happen? Looking


5 Asian Horror Films You Probably Didn’t Know

Honestly, if you haven’t watched any horror films from Asia you’re totally missing out on a lot of great films. Some of the great films you probably have seen or heard in Hollywood: The Grudge (2004),  The Pulse (2006), Dark Water (2005) and more. The westernized version of Asian horror films will never be great as the originals and watching these films will make you love horror even more. If you are someone like me

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A Letter from a Student Who Has ADHD

I’ve always had ADHD. Diagnosed at the age of five,  I recall feeling different than my peers in school. I was never great at school; performed poorly throughout middle school and hardly had any friends. From there, I was always pulled out of class and forced to be in a program for disabilities a.k.a. IEP. No one understood why I felt desolated and pulled away from my classmates. No matter how I put it to someone,


No, Elvis Presley Did Not “Invent” Rock ‘n Roll

Lovers of rock will usually associate the roots or origins of the genre to the musician Elvis Presley, aka “The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll”. When on the contrary, the roots of rock came from the influence of black culture and music. Rock has been around since the 1940s and continued to thrive in the 50s where many white musicians started to tune their sound from influences of black artists. There’s not just one person

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Reasons Why You Should Learn Another Language

In America, we have an immense amount of monolingual speakers – as we grow, we become a country that is unsympathetic to other cultures and languages that we miss out on an entire new perspective when you learn another language. In addition, we make high school students take a minimum of two foreign language credits to be able to graduate – which I find hopeless for English speakers not being exposed to a whole new


What Being Multiracial in America Feels Like

Since it’s Hispanic Heritage Month, I was inspired to write something relating to my heritage and culture: A more personal viewpoint on the struggle of finding yourself when you’re biracial or multiracial. Just by looking at my name, you probably have an idea of my racial background. You also might have the common curiosity to ask things about it. My typical reply would be: “Well, my mother is White and Asian while my father is


Are Insurance Companies Not Getting the Message on Contraception?

Many women across the United States are still paying for contraception, even though the law says it’s free some insurance providers are not getting the message. Since the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare enacted in 2010, there has been an indeed change to our healthcare. But does the plan ensures women can get birth control without a copay? Not entirely. It is debatable that no act or law is perfect, everything has its


Why We Need Textbooks that Perpetuate Knowledge Not Ignorance

In your history class, you might wonder whether the textbook you’re reading for that class is actually giving you factual and accurate information or if it’s blatantly spreading lies. Do these textbooks perpetuate ignorance to the reader? In some cases, it does to an extent. In truth, textbooks are just perpetuating ignorance than knowledge. Moreover, they are inherently racist. In Texas, there has been a case of a Mexican American studies textbook to use for Hispanic Heritage

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