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The Experience and Importance of Voting Abroad

As a Spanish citizen, and since I recently turned 18, I have been able to vote in the recent election in Spain. I currently live in the United States, thousands of miles from my local polling place in Madrid, so I had to register to receive my ballot by mail. In order to do that, about a month before the election, I filled out an absentee voting form online. Once all of the online paperwork was


Why Cis People Should Make Their Pronouns Known

The beginning of my email signature reads like this: I am cisgender. I have never had anyone question my femininity when looking at me or my name. I have never been called by the wrong pronouns, yet still include my own in my emails and just about every one of my social media accounts, as well as announce them in every possible way when meeting new people. What are personal pronouns? The hyperlink in my

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How Learning Cursive Can Be Advantageous

Every once in a while, a tweet about how schools taught cursive for “no reason” surfaces, taking many Americans back to the foggy memory of those couple of classes in elementary school where they were taught cursive. Yet, learning cursive is far from useless. On the contrary, it has nothing but benefits, to the point where the many European countries that make their children learn to write exclusively in cursive end up with significant advantages.


Social Security Explained, in Brief

“Social Security” is a foreign and scary phrase for many young people. Though many of said young people may have a Social Security card, odds are most can’t say exactly what purpose it serves, or how it benefits them. However, the program is an important foundation of American financial coverage, and key to planning for the future. Over 80 Decades of Coverage The concept of Social Security officially started in 1935, when President Franklin D.


Switzerland Has Bullets But No Bullet Wounds: How?

Looking at guns in the U.S., it is clear that things are not working out. With 61 mass shootings this year already, barely three months into 2019, firearms and the current legislation in place clearly are not keeping American citizens safe. The U.S. is the first ranked country in the world in firearms per capita. In other words, there’s a lot of guns in the Land of the Free because of the 2nd Amendment. However, other

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