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What to Do Now That You’re Finished With Your College Applications

As the college application season is coming to a close (except for rolling admissions schools), students across the world are filled with a sense of relief with a slight tinge of horror. Sure, there are no more essays to write, no more application fees and no more standardized tests, but you’re left in a three-month period of purgatory, waiting for the colleges’ decisions. Here’s a few things you could be doing your senior year: Keep

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How to Prepare for Your College Interview

Some people see college interviews as a way to get into their dream school. Other people see college interviews as terrifying. In actuality, college interviews fall somewhere between the two. While opting for an interview won’t automatically make you a shoo-in for an acceptance, it certainly shows that you’re interest in the school and would like to learn more about it. These are some tips that can help prepare you and ease your stress about

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How To Make a College List

College applications don’t have to be stressful. Okay, maybe they do, but it’s very important to know that the colleges you’re applying to fit both your personality and your desired career path (and budget). College is extremely expensive, and you should do your best to discover which school will be worth the price for your personal goals. In the United States alone, there are thousands of institutions of higher education. This can certainly feel overwhelming

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Summer Preparation for College Applications

College may not be for everyone. However, it’s something that everyone should have the opportunity to consider. For some people, it’s the expectation to go to college and get a degree. For others, it’s the expectation to take over the family business or to go to trade school. All of these options are completely valid, but only if it’s what you specifically want to be doing. This article will focus on the more “traditional” (AKA

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