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Former USA Gymnastics Team Doctor Larry Nassar Pleads Guilty

Larry Nassar, the former team doctor for the USA Gymnastics National Team and Michigan State University, has pleaded guilty to state charges involving seven counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct. His sentencing is set for January 12, to last at least 25 years. Nassar also awaits other sentences for child pornography and sexual abuse of over 100 athletes, a majority of them children, over a span of more than 20 years. Victims include Olympians Jamie Dantzscher,


Honest Responses to Microaggressions Against Asian-American Women

“Where are you from?” I’ve been confronted by this microaggression – poorly disguised as an innocent question – dozens of times. However, I think this encounter I recently had at a debate tournament with a middle-aged white ma is the most memorable one by far. Let’s call him Pete’s Dad. I was eating lunch alone outside when Pete’s Dad suddenly approached me. “Are you a student? I say that because I can’t tell if you’re 28

Mental Health

Interview With Daniell Koepke, Founder of the Internal Acceptance Movement

Content warning: brief mention of an eating disorder. I recently had the immense privilege of interviewing Daniell Koepke, founder of the Internal Acceptance Movement (I. A.M.), who is currently pursuing a PsyD in clinical psychology. Daniell has dedicated her talent in writing to the purpose of self-empowerment, hence the name of her online space. You can find her blog here. Be sure to follow her on Instagram @daniellkoepke for her beautiful photography and insightful advice. Hi Daniell,


Housing Crisis In Hong Kong Forces 200,000 To Live In “Coffin Homes”

I’ve been to Hong Kong five times. My personal memories of the city have always been filled with excitement and amazement: getting precious moments with my extended family and marveling at all the wonders Hong Kong has to offer, from a grand expanse of skyscrapers stretching across mountains to the city’s delicious food scene. What I wasn’t aware of until recently, however, is that Hong Kong is experiencing a housing crisis that the United Nations


Greyson Chance Publicly Comes Out As Gay

Singer-songwriter and pianist Greyson Chance publicly came out as gay today on Instagram. “I came to fully recognize that I was gay when I was sixteen. I decided not to publicize my sexuality largely due to a matter of privacy, as I was still trying to find comfort and confidence within my own skin. Further, I always found conversations regarding music, politics, art, books – and the greatness of Nas’ catalog – to be far

Real Life

Use This Summer To Do What You Never Have Time For

As summer sinks in, it’s easy (and tempting) to settle into the comfortable pattern of sleeping in until noon, binge watching Netflix, and staying up late switching between tabs on your phone. While the holidays are a well-deserved break, and you should certainly take ample time for self-care and relaxation, I encourage you to push yourself and take time to grow as a person. This means pursuing your interests, which will in turn help you

Real Life

Why Americans Should Embrace Multilingualism, From a Personal Perspective

I recently visited Quebec City and was struck by how distinctly French-speaking Quebec residents are, especially compared to the rest of Canada. Various political parties, such as the Parti Québécois (PQ), have pushed for Quebec’s national sovereignty. This movement has motivated the Quebecois to preserve elements of their cultural identity, including their language, French. Stringent laws require French to be the main language in school and public life. I was intrigued by this aspect of

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Why History Is Anything but Boring

History is often stereotyped as the most boring class that everyone falls asleep in. This is truly a shame, considering how, in reality, history is anything but boring! To me, history is an ongoing series of epic stories and characters interwoven together; there are everyday underdogs doing the extraordinary, villains that we love to hate on, and different groups uniting to fight injustice. History permeates our culture, values, and identities. It’s reflected in our families, the

Real Life

How to Survive Exam Season (the Mentally Healthy Way)

It’s almost that time of year again – students across the world are preparing for exams. Whether it be the SAT, ACT, AP, IB exams, or other variations of stress-inducing acronyms, testing season can take its toll on mental health. Luckily, this stress can be minimized with a proactive and positive mindset. Here are 10 tips that I have learned over the years to improve my performance and mental health when it comes to tests.  Be

Real Life

USA Gymnastics President Resigns Amidst Sexual Abuse Scandal

Content Warning: sexual assault and child pornography President and CEO of USA Gymnastics Steve Penny has resigned from his position, effective March 16. Recent sexual abuse allegations regarding the national team doctor, Larry Nassar, compelled the United States Olympic Committee to put pressure on Penny to step down. Nassar, 53, faces 25 counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct and two charges of child pornography possession. He served as the USA Gymnastics national team doctor for

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