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I’m Mormon, but I Don’t Want a Family

What do you think of when someone says “Mormon”? Is it those happy, smiling families? Those young men who wear name tags and ride bikes? The big white temples that everyone has questions about? An episode of South Park? While these are common Mormon stereotypes, I do not fit into any of said stereotypes. I’m no “Molly Mormon.” I’m half Cambodian, my entire family isn’t Mormon, and I pick and choose regarding my involvement within


Remembering Vincent Chin

From the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 to Executive Order 9066, anti-Asian sentiment has been a prominent part of American history. Now we’re considered the “model minority.” How did this happen? During the civil rights movement, white Americans began to glorify Asian-Americans as hard working, law abiding citizens to diminish the African-American cry for equality. It was a way of saying, “They’re successful given the circumstances. Why aren’t you?” While Asian-Americans are one of the


The Origins of Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminism

Feminism is centered around the idea of creating equality between all men and women on all platforms, but some people who identify as feminists are forgetting this definition, thus creating the need for intersectional feminism. Contrary to the idea of feminism that originated during the Enlightenment that only benefited white women, intersectional feminism is about creating equality for all women: women of color, disabled women, trans women, overweight women, mentally ill women, Muslim women, LGBT

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