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The Modeling Industry Has Become More Inclusive, But The Box To Enter Is Still Small

The modeling industry has become more inclusive, but only if you fit the requirements. Models still have to be tall to do most commercial shoots. To be a plus-size model, you have to fit the sizing criteria which includes having a waist 10″ smaller than your hips. Also, the inclusiveness in men’s fashion is way behind women’s. Many runways shows use tall models (5’8″) and up because artistic garments sit nicer on taller bodies. However,

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Summer Is Here And Body Shaming Will Not Be Accepted

School is over and the need to keep track of what day of the week it is has faded away. The sun is beaming. Jeans and sweaters are put away, while shorts, tank tops, and bathing suits are taken out. People will start wearing less and stretch marks, scars and extra weight will no longer be hidden. Every body type deserves to be comfortable. It is now hotter and yes, people will show more skin. This

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Gen Z Is Drinking And Smoking Less Because Of Social Media

Compared to previous generations, today’s teens are drinking less, smoking less and I believe that social media is one of the biggest factors. Social media plays a role in the drop of alcohol consumption among American teenagers. Before the internet existed, teenagers often went to parties and social gatherings to do things like make friends and form relationships. Alcohol was the medium that teenagers preferred when socializing. Today, teenagers meet and interact with people through


Washington D.C. Is “Hollywood For Ugly People”: Entertainers Vs. Politicians

Americans are no longer identifying with policies and platforms of political candidates, but rather with a “public persona” that people can relate to. Although many politically aware and educated people vote for a candidate they deem well fit, there are many people who vote based on their “connection” to the politician. Donald Trump, a reality television star and businessman becoming president demonstrated that you don’t have to be a politician to be elected to higher

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Instagram Models and Photoshopping: An Epidemic

Within the past few years, there has been a new wave of “Instagram models” who use Instagram to promote and make money from brand deals. This social media outlet not only allows these people to share photos of themselves but also life experiences and personal stories, making fans feel more connected. Let me break it down: in traditional modeling, models sign with an agency, who will represent them and assign them photo shoots, commercials, etc.

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The Dangers of Not Reporting Suspicious Internet Activity

On April 25th, about 25 minutes from where I live, John Williams shot Sheriff Eugene Cole in Norridgewock Maine, took off in his cruiser, robbed a Cumberland Farms convenience store, and then disappeared. That day, Williams was supposed to go to a court hearing in Massachusetts for illegal possession of a firearm. He was on the loose within the Central Maine area. My school was on lock-down, meaning there was no open campus or sport’s

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Living In A Politically Divided Community: A Teenager’s View

One day I was running downtown, and I saw a Confederate flag hung up in someone’s window. I cringed but continued running. A few houses down I came across a gay pride flag. I had to stop to comprehend how utterly ironic this was. If this doesn’t sum up living in a politically divided town, I don’t know what does. Let me break it down: because political opinions often reflect people’s jobs, ways of life,

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