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Do White Men Really Deserve To Vote?

Last time a journalist dared to use their platform and freedom of speech to discuss this question on the Huffington Post, she was silenced and the article was taken down. However, I saw it and thought that the benefits of reversing white men’s suffrage was definitely worth discussing. After all, women and people of colour went through times of not being allowed to vote, and the fact that white men never had to experience that is


We Must Stand Up Against Kekistan

Anyone who discusses politics or social justice on social media must have come across an account with Pepe the frog as their icon, or the word “kek” or “Kekistan” at some point. This often leads to confusion as to what these people are trying to achieve, but as Roaming Millennial says, “Kekistan is actually not a joke, it is a serious, ongoing human rights issue.” Kekistan must not be taken lightly, because they are threatening


Politics – Battle of the Narratives

Politics and the government were originally created in order to help people survive, become richer and maintain their liberties, well, at least in the United States and countries with similarly structured governments. However, things seem to be different now. Nowadays, politics seem like a team sport where the more your side’s narrative gets pushed and accepted, the more you win. The more your side can legislate according to their narrative, the more points you get.

Real Life

10 Words You May Have Been Using Incorrectly

The beauty of language is that it keeps evolving. The way people speak in literary classics such as Shakespeare and Chaucer are not too easy to understand for the average millennial who isn’t studying English or similar. The Lord’s Prayer from ten centuries ago is almost unrecognizable to English-speakers today, and guess what? Even words you think you’re familiar with don’t mean what you actually think they mean. Here’s a list of ten words that


5 Ways to Stay Educated on Social Issues

In today’s day and age, politics has started to become a topic that one can simply not avoid in everyday conversation, because so much is going on in the world politically. Being aware of what is going on is going to help you socially and broaden your understanding of the world around you. However not everybody has the time to attend a social justice course or read into great depths about the intricacies of how

Blaire White - Black Lives Matter is trash

Youtube Allows The Alt-right Community To Spread Hate

YouTube is a huge part of the media we consume and there are a huge variety of YouTube personalities on the video site. You have your beauty gurus, your comedians, your activists and musicians to entertain and inspire you. However, beyond the trending music videos by our favorite artists and new challenges uploaded by huge internet personalities, there is a darker corner of the internet lurking there, which are the people who have the intention

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