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Michael Wolff Is Deemed a “Scumbag” for Nikki Haley Rumors

The newly published Fire and Fury has created waves for several reasons. The book looks into all things White House, including Trump’s mental capacity to be president, Russia-U.S. relations during elections and what various “representatives” of the White House think about their president. Wolff’s research and sources are largely based on anecdotes and interviews, though many question the reliability of his claims. He claims in his book that Rupert Murdoch called Trump an “idiot,” yet in his


The Handmaid Protests Marks A New Movement Lead By Women

The Handmaid’s Tale, by Canadian author Margaret Atwood has inspired communities of women to protest against the anti-choice legislations that have been challenging societies. Though Atwood’s book depicts a dystopian society, women donning the scarlet robes and white bonnets remind us that reality is facing the challenges the fictional society faced in the novel. In March 2017, a group of women marched into Texas’ state capitol building, dressed in the iconic scarlet robes and white


At Least 8 Killed in Manhattan’s New “Attack of Terror”

Eight people were killed and dozens more injured when a rental truck plowed through a lower Manhattan bike path on the west side of the West Side Highway on Tuesday, Oct. 31. The rental truck continued to pursue down the bike path before hitting a school bus and stopping, in what is described as an “attack of terror” by local officials. The man drove 20 blocks down the bike path before crashing his truck and


The Fate of the Amazon Rainforest Lies in the Next Gold Rush

With at least 14,003 plant species alone in the bio-diverse Amazon rainforest, it is a site home to millions of organisms. Researchers discovered 381 new species during a two-year study. Rich with life of animals, plants and indigenous communities, the Amazon has long been a sanctuary of science and tribe culture, untouched by most of the outside world — until now. It may soon be home to hundreds of miners, ready to upheave each inch


DACA Dreamers: The Army is No Longer a Fast Track

Donald Trump’s recent announcement to end the Obama-era DACA act that saved close to a million people, has received various reactions. Some of fear, some of optimism, but all were shocked. DACA recipients have turned to the U.S. military to see if they have a chance of staying. In an attempt to avoid deportation, recipients have agreed to join the U.S. army, but there are more intricate policies and obstacles for them to evade before


Technology Going Too Far: Why Adobe’s New “VoCo” Causes Concern

In the age of technology, there hardly seems to be a way to slow down advancement, to slow down evolution, and to slow down innovation. All three traits are praised in most aspects of life, but how far is too far? With technology being the center of our lifestyle, development and creation is vital to improvement, knowledge, and understanding. Yet, what has been called into question recently, by the world’s politicians and leading innovators, is


Virginia Tragedy: White Supremacist Rally Turns Violent

Chaos erupted on Saturday, on what is said to be the largest gathering of white supremacists in decades – including members of the Ku Klux Klan and Neo-Nazis. This rally comes after plans were announced to remove a confederate statue, a symbol of slavery, America’s civil war, and the South. Saturday was not the only day that white supremacists aimed to intimidate and voice their anger in having the confederate statue of Robert E Lee

Real Life

The Media and General Public Care Way More About Missing White Kids Than Missing Black Kids

Elizabeth Smart was abducted at the age of 14 at her family home in Salt Lake City, rescued nine months later, and is now a proclaimed child safety activist. Yes, everyone has heard of people like Elizabeth Smart and Jaycee Dugard, girls who had survived their kidnappings. Apart from being abducted, these girls have something in common. They’re both white. Stories of missing children captivated public households and parents in the 80s when abductions and kidnappings were


A New Mission: Disrupting Migration

In the past couple of years, issues relating to fleeing refugees, war torn countries, and of course the infamous Islamic State, has been more prominent than ever. The world had different ways of reaction, some offering hospitality, while others hostility. The situation has become more about the rights of humans than the political challenges involved with unstable countries, with the people involved doing anything to get away from the chaos that is politics and corruption.

Real Life

A Police Officer is Suing Black Lives Matter

Controversy over the Black Lives Matter movement has never been new, but now faces a lawsuit, filed by a police officer injured in last year’s shooting in Baton Rouge. The lawsuit was filed against the movement as a whole and individual activists, holding them responsible for the breakout of protests and violence around the country these past 3 years. “By embracing and supporting violence in protest that could have been conducted peacefully, BLM declared a

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