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What I Learned From Little Girls In A Locker Room

Months ago, the magazine Science published an article that talked about how girls learn to devalue their own gender around the age of 6. Being an age in which stereotypes arise and stick, a series of experiments showed how girls were more inclined to choose boys or men as more successful and brilliant. One of the tests consisted of the read of a neutral description of a successful individual. When asked if the description belonged


Patriarchy For Dummies

The patriarchy is more or less like climate change: some of us are completely aware of it and others refuse to believe it exists. In fact, I’m sure some of you agree that climate change was invented by the Chinese (and the pictures of the polar bears on top of isolated chunks of ice or the fact that is 70 degrees in December isn’t going to help you change your mind). So today, my fellow


Spanish Women On A Hunger Strike: We Want Ourselves Alive

Feb. 9 was the day six women from the Galician non-profit organization Ve-la luz (See The Light) decided to start a hunger strike downtown Madrid, our capital. They are determined to be the voice of those who cannot speak anymore. They´re fighting for all of us: for the ones that have suffered violence, for the ones that are suffering it, for the ones that will suffer it. They’re fighting to make the Government accept violence

Mental Health

Learning To Live As A Perfectionist

When I was younger, I used to list “perfectionist” as one of my top qualities. I used to think always giving 100% and expecting 100% from others was a positive thing. I used to believe that everyone should strive to become that way. As you get older, life gets a little bit more complicated. Every once in a while, I couldn’t accomplish all my goals for a various amount of reasons: a cold that didn’t

Personal, Real Life

Learning To Say The Final Goodbye

The first time I encountered death I was 12 years old. My grandpa was a light in this world. Most of the things I say and do to this day are inspired by his person, his attitude, his outlook in life. He was a fighter. Someone who worked three different jobs to make sure his sons and his daughter would be able to attend college, even though they were very, very poor. One of the

Mental Health

A Letter To Those Going Through A Heartbreak

Dear friend, Whether it was a three-year relationship or a three-month intense adventure, learning to let go of a former partner and love again  isn’t something we wish to go through. It doesn’t matter if it ended because you decided to do so, because your partner decided it, or because it just couldn’t be. It’s going to be tough. We all get used to happiness very fast, so don’t blame yourself for picturing a future


Why You Don’t Want Your Daughter to Be a Princess

I was raised on Disney Princess movies. I watched all of them. And I’m okay. What I mean by this is that you’re not going to advocate your daughters to self-hafe and self-destruction by letting them watch all these movies. But maybe you can avoid some of the problems they’re going to face if you only show them to your daughters once they’re old enough to understand what is wrong with them. Walt Disney was


Spanish Activist: “Grabs Patriarchy by the Balls”

The Wax Museum of Madrid, the capital of Spain, recently inaugurated the wax figure of the new American president. As the director was welcoming it, an activist from the organization FEMEN, which intends to protect women’s rights, showed up with a naked torso and two sentences written on her skin: “Grab back” and “Grab patriarchy by the balls”. This last sentence was referring to the infamous sentence Mr. Trump has been heard saying: “Grab them by

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