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What the Problematic Culture at Vice Magazine Reveals about Sexism Today

A recent investigation into the Vice workplace has led to startling realizations of a ‘boys club’ culture surrounding the magazine. Several settlements, as well as countless reports of sexual harassment, have been uncovered, hinting at a broader dilemma of sexism within the company and an even more worrying pattern of silencing the women who have chosen to speak up.   Accounts of harassment in the workplace, all similar to one another, have been brought to


Trump Has Retweeted Unverified Anti-Muslim Videos

On the morning of Wednesday, November 29, President Trump retweeted several unsubstantiated videos to his Twitter account, drawing controversy from around the globe. The three videos possess extreme themes of violence committed by Muslim people and were quick to catch the public’s eye, as they seem to promote aggression or hate with no evidence behind them whatsoever. The videos are titled “Muslim migrant beats up Dutch boy on crutches!,” “Muslim destroys a statue of Virgin


A Massive Power Outage Has Hit Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico’s latest setback on its way to recovery from Hurricane Maria came on Thursday, as it was struck by a massive power outage. Around 80% of the island is now without electricity, hindering an effort to recuperate what has already been challenging, as Puerto Rico has had limited resources and a population in crisis. Since Hurricane Maria, about half of the island has been without power and its inhabitants have been living this way for

Mental Health

The Brain’s Reaction to Certain Words May Hint at Suicide Risk

A revolutionary new study from the Nature Human Behaviour journal has shed a new light on the ability of technology to assess mental health. The study involved subjects of various mental health backgrounds who were provided with several words that have both positive and negative connotations. Once the subjects were shown the words, computers studied their brain patterns, finding a correlation between a person’s reaction and their risk of suicide to a very accurate degree.


The Latest Abortion Controversy in the United States Looks at the Intersection of Immigration and Reproductive Rights

The case of a 17-year-old girl residing in Texas has recently brought two sensitive political issues to a head: immigration and abortion. The girl, identified only as Jane Doe, crossed into America from a country in South America without her parents. She was detained at the border, where she discovered that she was pregnant. Jane then began staying at a federal shelter for minors in Texas and decided to terminate her pregnancy. However, as a


How the Legalization of Marijuana Has Influenced the Opioid Crisis

New ideas about the positive effects of legalizing marijuana have recently been brought into the spotlight, following the release of new data regarding the number of opioid overdoses in Colorado since the year 2000. Drugs deaths have been on the rise in recent years, and are projected to keep rising as a result of the current public health crisis. Opiates have been prescribed as pain medication in order to treat medical conditions, as well as

Real Life

How the U.S. School System Supports Unhealthy Eating Habits

While many schools throughout the U.S. advocate for the importance of eating healthy and nutritious food, whether in the form of lectures, campaigns or discussions, the majority of their actions do not follow through. As a middle schooler, I was consistently informed of the importance of eating balanced breakfasts and lunches, but when I visited the cafeteria, I found it stockpiled with cookies, chips and gatorade. Schools want to have their cake and eat it


Ireland Is Trying to Reverse an Archaic Abortion Law

Although we are often concerned with the rising restrictions on abortions within the United States, there are many dated, and more restrictive, abortion regulations in other areas of the world, including Europe. Ireland has some of the most severe laws in Europe, and the citizens have started to take a stand. Plans have been made to hold a referendum in Ireland in 2018, which would mean voting to reverse the legislation put in place over

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