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2018 U.S. Winter Olympics Team Welcomes First Two Openly Gay Athletes

In the 94 years that the Olympic Games have been around, the U.S. Winter Olympic Team has never been so diverse. With seven black athletes already making history and a record number of Asian-American athletes, these games have finally opened the doors for people of different races as well as sexualities. Meet Adam Rippon and Gus Kenworthy: the first openly gay U.S. Winter Olympic athletes. In 2015, both Rippon and Kenworthy came out as gay men.

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Father of Three Gymnasts Charges at Larry Nassar in Court

Larry Nassar has pleaded guilty to abusing ten girls since his trial began, but is accused by over 250 more. Over the course of these past few months, Nassar has heard numerous accounts of sexual assault from U.S. gymnasts from those who were simply seeking treatment for an injury, to those who competed in the Olympic Games, such as Aly Raisman. He has been forced to hear these women speak their truths about what he


Former Miss America Contestants Call For Total Replacement of Board Members Following CEO Email Leak

December was a month full of change in the Miss America organization. Following the leak of a stream of emails from Miss America CEO Sam Haskell which contained a multitude of personal attacks toward former contestants and winners, there was an uproar calling for his resignation. In these emails, Haskell, along with Miss America telecast lead writer Lewis Friedman, seemed to favor poking fun at 2013 winner Mallory Hagan. In one, which Haskell had forwarded


Pansexuals Erased From LGBTQIAP+ Spectrum By Pedophile Sympathizers

2017 has surely been one for the books, but sadly it is not yet over. Although we have made it to the final month, the nonsense that has become prevalent has not stopped. On Twitter, this year especially, countless debates have taken place on the daily, but none have struck me quite as profoundly as this one. Just last week, a tweet came to the surface and I’m really not sure how to explain it,

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Opinion: High School Doesn’t Prepare Teens For Adulthood

While in school, how many times do you find yourself asking somebody, “When will I ever use this in life?” When you’re sitting in Algebra and are told to find the slope of an equation in standard form, do you groan and tell your teacher that learning this has no purpose? You’re probably right. Unless you’re going to become an engineer or a computer programmer, odds are you won’t need any math skills beyond basic


Why the Same-Sex Wedding Cake Case Is Such a Big Deal

Earlier this week, the case Masterpiece Bakery Ltd. v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission was heard by the Supreme Court. For those who aren’t aware, this case comes from an event which occurred in 2015 when Charlie Craig and David Mullins walked into Masterpiece Bakery to purchase a cake for their upcoming wedding after the recent legalization of same-sex marriage in the United States. Upon entering, the men were met with the owner, Jack Phillips who, when asked

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People and Events From 2017 To Be Thankful For

Now I know what you’re thinking: “2017? Nothing good happened in 2017,” and I have to admit that when I first got the idea for this article, I was excited. But when my family and I couldn’t think of anything good for fifteen minutes, I wasn’t sure whether it was going to be possible or not. So I Googled “good things that happened in 2017” and noticed that nothing that was listed had occurred in


This Week in the Trump Administration: Fossil Fuels Can Prevent Sexual Assault

After a trip to South Africa just last month in which he was supposed to discuss oil and gas partnerships, Secretary of Energy, Rick Perry, came back with some unexpected opinions. (Or maybe you expected this.) Just yesterday, Perry suggested that the high rate of sexual assault in South Africa was a direct result of the lack of fossil fuels and electricity within the area. Don’t panic, you read that right. Rick Perry genuinely believes


Our Current Social Climate Reflected in Local Hate Crimes

Today’s social and political climates have most definitely shifted within the past several months and, because of this shift, tensions among schools as well as communities have risen. For example, at my high school, many students believe that it is perfectly okay to shout at classmates of Hispanic descent to “go back to Mexico,” make jokes about lynching and sexual harassment and, of course, create a joke out of school shootings. And while none of

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Dogs Have Continued to Comfort Disaster Victims Across the Country

“A dog is a friend who brings a calming influence, allowing people to open up their hearts and receive help for what is affecting them.” That is the mission statement for the LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs based out of Northbrook, Illinois. These 19 golden retrievers spend their time traveling across the country with their handlers to areas where disaster strikes and people are in need of some comfort. The LCC Comfort Dogs have been deployed to

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