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China Has Successfully Sprouted Cotton On The Moon

There is officially life on the moon. A cotton seed has sprouted just two weeks after China’s Chang’e-4 mission landed successfully on the moon. Inside the mini biosphere, there is now growth. Though there have been many instances of plant growth in space, this is the first to take place in such an extreme environment. Though previous plant growth took place inside of Earth’s orbit, none took place on any other surface than Earth. It is officially

Real Life

Buying Innocence And A’s: Elitism At My Prep School

College preparatory schools—usually private—are often viewed as pretentious with their ridiculous tuition and fancy terms, such as “higher education.” As lavish as these environments might seem, the rules are very lenient. (Not when it comes to skirt length. No, administrators are adamant about girls’ dress code.) Rather, with the high education and tuition comes the obscenely high behavioral tolerance. Word gets around fast in a class of forty-five. I had just finished a biology test

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