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‘Brexit’ Will Be An Economic Disaster

A leaked ‘Brexit Report‘ spells financial disaster for the U.K., as national income figures will drop after Britain departs the E.U. While each percentage is dependent on the final deal, this recent analysis indicates an 8% decrease (if Britain leaves without a deal). If a ‘free trade agreement’ is reached, then figures could fall by 5%, and by 2% if a soft Brexit option is reached. The report concludes there is no option that will


We Need To Use Our Voices In 2018

If 2017 has proved anything, it’s that we need to be more vocal, and politically involved than ever before. The voices of disenfranchised young people are valuable, but adults deal in a different currency, so they don’t recognise our worth. Which means we must shout, instead of whisper. The recent elections in America have been catalysts for many women, people of colour, and trans individuals to step in to office, and begin reversing the harm


The Transphobia Directed at Lily Madigan Needs to Stop

Lily Madigan, 19, is a transgender woman who works for The Labour Party (UK) as the ‘Women’s Officer’ in Rochester and Strood. She has also applied for the Jo Cox ‘Women in Leadership’ programme. This is a ground-breaking achievement for trans representation that has been marred by horrible, transphobic responses. The media have referred to Madigan by her deadname and used male pronouns to describe her, while consistently arguing that her identity will hinder her

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