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Five Lessons A Year at Affinity Has Taught Me

About a year ago, I unwittingly sent an article to Affinity Magazine about cultural appropriation. It was an op-ed that I had written for my high school newspaper, and I was extremely proud of it. I got an email that said, “Your submission has been received!” And that was it for a while. Honestly, I kind of forgot I had sent in an article at all. And then, one day I was sitting in my third-period


Oscars 2017: Tiny Little Steps Made for Diversity

We all remember the #OscarsSoWhite trend from the past two years — backlash against the Academy for failing to nominate people of color for any of the major awards categories. Celebrities and viewers alike boycotted the awards show because of this, causing an eight-year all time low in ratings. Many people attributed this glaring lack of diversity to the general makeup of the Academy, which was mostly white, male voters. In an attempt to fix


There’s Something in the Water: How Racism Affected Flint and Standing Rock

“Water is life.” That is the phrase that has reached across the world these past few months. Water is life. That is the phrase that the members of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe and their supporters have been pressing upon everybody that will listen. This is because the Dakota Access Pipeline was (and could still be) being built through their sacred land — land that has had a long history of turmoil with the government.

Real Life

Five Ways to Manage the New School Year

  The start of a new school year can be stressful for everyone, regardless of what year you’re in. Overloads of homework can lead to long nights, sleep loss, stress, and many other unsavory symptoms. Here’s a list of five ways to manage the school year and all of its trials. Don’t listen to music while studying According to an article in USA Today, listening to music while studying can limit what you actually process


Clinton’s Announced Her VP, But Who is He?

On Friday evening, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton announced her running mate in the 2016 election — Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia. Clinton announced her decision via text message in both English and Spanish, as well as sending out a tweet telling how excited she was about the announcement. Kaine offers a more conservative running mate than others who were considered. There had been speculation that Clinton would choose Elizabeth Warren, creating the first two-woman ticket, or Tom Perez, a civil rights lawyer


Four Important Intersectional Feminists to Know

Over the past several years, teens and young adults have become increasingly educated on the inequalities in our society. From the wage gap to cultural appropriation, adolescents have become more aware of the prejudices everyone faces — and social media is the perfect platform for people to learn about equality gaps and how to get involved with them. The intersections of race, class, gender, disability, and other identity categories are crucial in understanding and addressing


Six Lessons to Learn From Lemonade Mouth

Cowritten by Arushi Tandon Determinate, determinate. Push until you can’t and then demand more. Determinate, determinate. You and me together, we can make it better. When these words were sung in the Disney Channel Original Movie, Lemonade Mouth, a generation of young movie-watchers was inspired. Inspired to stand up, to question authority, to rebel, to do anything they could to accomplish their goals. Lemonade Mouth is a film which not just encourages youth to fight


How To Look Your Best At Prom; The Body-Posi Edition

Prom season is upon us, and with it comes the added pressure of finding an outfit. Everyone wears something different to prom,  from plus sized prom dresses to suits to jumpsuits.  dresses to suits to jumpsuits. If you’re planning to go the gown route, the one question of paramount importance is: How do I look good in my dress? Below are a few ways to ensure that you look as great as possible on the night of your


When You Say #AllLivesMatter,How Come Black Lives Aren’t Include?

Eric Garner. Sandra Bland. Michael Brown. These are three names of the 102 unarmed Black Americans who were killed in 2015 by law enforcement agents, according to Mapping Police Violence. That means almost twice a week, someone was shot by the people who were supposed to be keeping them safe. Now, police brutality against people of color, particularly black people of color, didn’t recently become an issue — it’s been happening for centuries. However, in an


5 Times Your Faves Appropriated Culture At Coachella

Each year, the music festival Coachella brings music and celebrities to Indio, California, and with them, various acts of cultural appropriation (the act of using an oppressed culture’s clothing, accessories, terms, etc. outside of that culture.) Here are some of your favorite celebrities partaking in cultural appropriation at Coachella. Alessandra Ambrosio YIKES! You aren’t Native American though Vanessa Hudgens is a repeat offender. Seems like every year she appropriates! High School Musical was literally my pre-teen

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