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Day 1: Trump Administration Delays Court Case for Racist Voter ID Law

The Trump Administration filed a motion to delay a hearing set for Tuesday about whether a Texas voter ID law was intended to discriminate against minorities. According to the Justice Department this postponement is due to the change in leadership. “The United States requires additional time to brief the new leadership of the Department on this case and the issues to be addressed at that hearing before making any representations to the Court,” the Justice Department


Martin Luther King Jr.’s Call for Revolution

Martin Luther King Jr., a renowned civil rights activist and leader, has been eternalized in the history of mankind similar to how a star is woven into the fabric of the universe. His presence glares brilliantly in the pages of novels, varying forms of media, and in the hearts & minds of civil rights activists across the country continuing King’s fight for social and economic justice. But as a star slowly grows duller and duller


The Angel Shot: An Innovation in Ensuring Women’s Safety

The Iberian Rooster, a restaurant in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida, has developed a system for the purpose of assisting women who feel threatened by their dates. A poster details this code system in the ladies restroom, explaining the manners in which women can alert bartenders of the risk level of their situations. Women can issue the code phrase “angel shot” and notify bartenders of the degree of assistance they need.The poster states women can tell


What Progressives Must Take Away From Cuomo’s Free College Proposal

On Tuesday, Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York introduced the Excelsior Scholarship, a proposal in which New York State colleges will provide free tuition for eligible students. The $163 million proposal will provide college students with a household income of $125,000 or less the ability to attend a state or city university in New York — including two-year community colleges — for free. The scholarship will be implemented over the next three years for students


Political Backlash Towards U.S. Abstention on Israeli Settlements is Unjustified

Last Friday, the U.N. Security Council passed a resolution on Israeli settlements in a 14-0 vote. It is the first U.N.S.C. resolution to deal specifically with the settlements in 36 years, the last resolution being adopted in March of 1980. Despite pushes from federal officials to veto the resolution, including President-elect Donald Trump, U.S. ambassador Samantha Power voted to abstain. “Today, the security council reaffirmed its established consensus that settlements have no legal validity… President

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