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Classism Seeps Into California’s Prison System

Monique Fronti met “So You Think You Can Dance?” choreographer Shane Sparks at the Los Angeles dance student at which she studied. A week before she turned thirteen years-old, they started having sex. When Fronti’s therapist reported the abuse to police in 2009, Sparks claimed the relationship was consensual, despite Fronti’s statements about feeling powerless. Later, Sparks pleaded no contest to intercourse with a minor under the age of sixteen; he served 135 days at


The Democratic Crisis in Honduras Is Being Ignored

Even though an election was held last week, the people of Honduras have no idea who will lead them. According to the government’s election commission, the incumbent president Juan Orlando Hernández has won with a narrow lead. However, due to several reports of bribery and irregularities, the opposition party, led by Salvador Nasralla, is accusing the government of fraud. This accusation is upheld by international observers, mainly because of a 36 hour shut down in


Gun Culture: American Poison

The United States has an addiction. A deadly, senseless addiction. It’s not coffee, it’s not heroin. It’s guns. The Second Amendment has wreaked havoc on our nation. The right to bear arms now runs deep in our country’s culture; firearms are perhaps the hottest debate in the United States. Our citizens arm themselves at a deadly cost, so why do we keep stocking up on dangerous weapons? American culture, since the birth of our nation,


The Leading Cause of Death in America Will Soon Be Trump’s Twitter

As a wise old woman once said, “If you have nothing nice to tweet, don’t tweet anything at all.” Oh, Donald. It seems that with each passing day, your Twitter account becomes more and more nasty, more and more destructive, more and more unprofessional. At first, it was annoying, but now, it’s dangerous. Our nation stands on the brink of war with North Korea every day. Tensions have been existent for decades, yet now, with


Hurricane Irma Is Our Warning: Climate Change Is Real and Vicious

Irma, Harvey, Kaita, Jose. These are not just storms, they are a death sentence. They represent the lives of thousands of people worldwide who will be affected by these hurricanes: people who will die, people who will lose their home, people who may never recover. Yet, our President refuses to acknowledge their cause. How many more Harveys can we endure? The link between devastating weather and global warming is now more apparent than ever. Although


Meet ALEC, the Lobbying Group Writing Anti-Immigration and Anti-Environmental Laws on Behalf of Corporations

Chances are, you’ve never heard of ALEC. You might just know him as a Trump impersonator from SNL. Unfortunately, in this context, ALEC is much, much more. The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is a lobbyist group that outlines laws for legislators to introduce, often at public expense. ALEC allows corporations to give their requests to legislators, who then create model bills that outline those requests. In turn, corporations fund ALEC by paying for a


Why Do Police Protect the KKK?

Would you let ISIS gather in your town center? How about Boko Haram? You would never let the Taliban hold a rally in your town, so why would you let the KKK? This week, 50 members of the Ku Klux Klan gathered in Charlottesville, Virginia to protest the removal of a Robert E. Lee statue. Lee led the Confederate army in the Civil War, which ultimately ended slavery in the United States. Charlottesville mayor Mike


Analyzing “American”: 100 People Define America

In times of such political divide, our country is struggling to unify. We continue to fight over an identity that applies to all of our citizens.  Many people have seen the slogan, “Keep America American.” So, what does it mean to be an American? I asked 100 people three questions. What does it mean to be an American? Can you define the word “American” in the sentence “Keep America American”? Does American society support every


March Against Sharia Highlights Conservative Hypocrisy

Conservatives are really trying it. They are really trying it. American Congress for Truth(ACT), which is defined by the Southern Poverty Law Center as an extremist group, held protests against Sharia in more than twenty American cities two days ago. The group has a long history of being Islamophobic and was founded in response to the 9/11 attacks. Although they claim to “educate citizens and elected officials on national security and defeating terrorism,” they’ve chosen


Illegal Immigration in the US: A Tall Tale from Donald Trump

America’s president cannot be credited with much. However, he may go down in history as the nation’s greatest story teller. Donald Trump won his presidency through fear mongering and enforcing stereotypes that, pardon the pun, build walls between groups of people. His biggest platform by far was immigration from Mexico, promising to build a $25 billion wall on the border between the nations to stop “bad hombres” from entering illegally. These policies, combined with incessant

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