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The Chechen Government Has Opened Gay Concentration Camps

On April 10th, 2017, reports from The Advocate and other news outlets stated that Chechnya, the Russian region made famous by separatist struggles against the Kremlin, has opened concentration camps for gay men. The allegations of abuses against Chechen gay men include electro-shock, violent beatings, and murder. It is being reported that at least 100 gay men have been detained and forced into the camps, but the Chechen government denies the allegations and the existence of


Why Queer Sexual Repression Must Go

Through the rise of social media platforms and overall resources over the past few years, young people overall have become increasingly aware of sexual fluidity and the growing presence of sexual diversity. Bisexuality, pansexuality, and other queer identities are far more prevalent expressions of identity than years past when our modern sexual culture was formed. But when the conservative era of sexual repression and the slightly nuanced, liberal ideology of sexual exploration touched, they synthesized


Why American Ignorance Is Dangerous

In the modern American political sphere, our contiguous borders have been shaped to symbolize capitalism, corporatism, and a faded image of democracy, masked by freedom from terrorism and oppression from ‘The Other’ infiltrating the American way of life. This current state of affairs has formed after nearly a century of propaganda combating foreign ideology from entering the bounds of the country, from the red-stained image placed on communism and socialism alike to basic social change,


Why Queer Power Is Important

Since the dawn of the Gay and Trans Liberation Movements, the focus and goal of the LGBTQ+ community has been inclusion, health, and pride. And even through the AIDS epidemic at its height in the 80’s and a revival of religious intolerance through tele-evangelization, the queer community has stood strong in the face of adversity. We have stood strong with the expression of pride. But where did the phrase ‘queer power’ go? The ideal of

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